OLIVIA CELIBERTI - Latin Perseverance Award recipient, dedicated Senior Class member

Olivia Celiberti is a nice, caring and hardworking individual. Many know her for her smile and kindness. Others know her for her dedication to the Reading community. One friend describes Olivia as “A really good person and someone who I go to for help. She is one of the kindest people I know and someone I am honored to call my friend.” Overall she is an incredible friend, student and volunteer and is worthy of recognition.

Looking back on her years at RMHS, Olivia will remember the connections she made throughout high school.

The lifelong friends she made are evidence of her memorable time in school.

She shares that her time in high school has brought her incredible memories, ones that she will cherish forever.

She is grateful for all the people that helped her through her time and looks forward to using her skills in the future.

She will remember the times shared with her classmates like spirit events, games and dances that made her whole experience unforgettable.

Olivia has shown so much success over her fours years at the high school. Excelling in Latin, she was recognized by her teachers and received the Latin Perseverance Award at the Underclassmen Awards Ceremony. This she was given because of her determination and success in the subject throughout her time at the high school. She has loved working with classmates and her teachers.

She shares some of her greatest memories are from Latin class. Learning a new language she says is such a rewarding experience as she gets to learn something new every day and watch herself grow.

Olivia has taken advantage of the classes that RMHS has to offer.

Her past classes have challenged her, but also proven her academic excellence.

This year she is taking Advanced Placement Biology, English, Law, Honors Epidemic Disease, Honors Psychology, Calculus and Marketing. She shares that she loves each one and, while they have challenged her, they are also very interesting.

All of her teachers in general have been particularly inspiring and an influential part of her high school experience. She will remember their guidance, kindness and overall strong connection to her. They have all taught her to reach for the stars and to always try her best.

She is thankful for their kindness and dedication to her education as they have helped her for the future.

In particular she feels that her teachers Ms. Khan and Mrs. Bedingfield were two of her most influential teachers. Olivia thanks them for always being there for her and helping her grow as a student and person.

“They were both very amazing teachers and also strong mentors that I could go to for help,” she shares.

In her free time, Olivia likes to spend time with friends and family, listen to music, and dance.

She also loves to go for drives with her twin sister and friends as well as play with her dogs.

Olivia enjoys eating out at her favorite restaurant Earls, and watch her favorite movie, The Princess Diaries.

She shares that she will miss the many people who helped make so many memories at the high school. All of the people she met, and her close friends whom she shared so many moments with, are the people she is sad to leave, but she will cherish every memory forever.

Olivia is excited for her future and plans to attend a college or university, hoping to major in exercise science with a goal of working in the medical field.

She does not know where she will go next year, but is excited to see what will come.

As she remembers the special moments and challenging times throughout high school, Olivia thanks her friends and family for their support through it all.

“I would like to thank my teachers, family and friends for helping me along the way,” she shares.

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