TAYLOR McGRATH - RMHS cheerleading team, National Honor Society, will attend Fairfield University

In this week’s Senior Profile the spotlight shines on Taylor McGrath, a friendly, creative, and loyal senior at Reading Memorial High School. Taylor is a dedicated student and caring friend to many at the high school. She has been a key member of the girls cheerleading team at RMHS for all four years of high school. Before coming to RMHS Taylor attended Wood End Elementary School and Coolidge Middle School.

For her senior year Taylor has taken a great selection of classes including, AP Biology, AP US Government and Politics, Honors Diverse Voices, Honors Horror, Honors Psychology and Intro to Calculus.

Taylor has been an active member of Reading, participating in community service around the town.

During her time at the high school, Taylor volunteered as a student demonstrator for Reading Pop Warner Cheer. She wanted to give back to the program after it had such a positive impact on her.

Taylor says that she wanted younger kids to be able to enjoy the same things she did through Reading Pop Warner Cheer.

Taylor has also maintained a job outside of school. She works as a high school helper at the extended day program at Wood End Elementary School.

Some quick fun facts about Taylor are that her favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Her favorite music artist is Taylor Swift. Taylor’s favorite dessert is ice cream and her favorite animal is a dog. In her free time Taylor enjoys hanging out with her friends and listening to music.

When asked what Taylor’s most exciting moment of high school was, she says it was the days leading up to the end of the school year.

Taylor writes, “The last couple days of school were so memorable and I loved being able to spend time with all my classmates and participate in activities one last time before we ended school.”

Some of the activities that Taylor and other seniors enjoyed included the senior sunrise, decorating parking spots with chalk, and participating in the senior spirit week.

While taking challenging classes and volunteering around the community, Taylor has also been able to balance a sport. She has been a cheerleader on the Reading Memorial High School cheerleading team since her freshman year.

Taylor is also part of the National Honor Society at RMHS.

Taylor would like to give thanks to her guidance counselor, Ms. Rondeau for her success at the high school and in planning for life outside of RMHS. Taylor says that Ms. Rondeau was extremely supportive of her.

Taylor writes, “Ms. Rondeau really made a positive impact on me and was so helpful throughout the whole college process”

When asked what Taylor will remember most about high school she says she will always remember the friends she has made throughout the four years at RMHS.

Taylor adds, “I was able to talk to so many new people and made lasting memories with them.”

In the fall Taylor will be attending Fairfield University. She is currently undecided on a major.

Taylor resides on Dustin Road with her parents Dan and Danielle McGrath and sister Makenna McGrath (14).

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