KIARA TANGNEY - Captain of the Girls Lacrosse and Basketball teams

To the RMHS community, Kiara Tangney is a kind friend and classmate to all. For the past four years, Kiara has played a vital role on the lacrosse team and basketball team, and most recently this year, the track team. Along with her stupendous sports dedication, she has also volunteered to make Reading a better town. Kiara’s teammates and classmates would describe her as someone who brings inclusivity and dedication to the environment, as well as being an encouraging captain, teammate, and friend. She's seen cheering others on and keeping the atmosphere positive on the different teams she participated on. She’ll always cherish the many memories she’s made with her close-knit group of teammates, as well as friends.

When reflecting on her most exciting moments at Reading Memorial High School, Kiara shares that plenty of them revolve around playing lacrosse. She’ll forever remember playing and beating Boston Latin in the quarter finals of the Lacrosse State Tournament. She also shares that she’ll forever remember the wonderful times with her best friends during the past four years, as well as the time spent with her basketball and lacrosse teammates.

“One of my most exciting moments in high school was freshman year beating Boston Latin in the quarter finals of the Lacrosse State Tournament. We were underdogs and behind the entire game until we pulled ahead

at the very end,”

Kiara shares.

Kiara loves pushing herself academically to be the best student she can be which is reflected in the numerous rigorous courses she's enrolled in. Those classes include Advanced Placement Government, Advanced Placement AB Calculus, Advanced Placement Physics 1, Honors Diverse Voices, Honors Horror and Fear, and Spanish 5.

Next fall, Kiara looks forward to pursuing medicine at Wesleyan University. She looks forward to the upcoming new beginnings and ability to pursue her favorite topics.

Two sports that mean a lot to Kiara are basketball and lacrosse. She’s been playing both for a long time and has developed many relationships through the many organizations she’s played for. Her coaches and teammates have pushed her to be the best player she can be. Because of her devotion and love for her sports, her coaches and teammates voted her to be captain of both the varsity basketball and lacrosse team. In addition to these two sports, Kiara also ran cross country for the first time last fall.

Her love for basketball and lacrosse goes beyond the field and court as she's volunteered by helping others share the love for sports. She coaches for Reading Youth Girls Lacrosse and volunteers at clinics for Reading Youth Girls Basketball. She loves seeing the girls’ passion for the games she grew up with and watching their confidence develop in the sport.

In her free time, Kiara enjoys reading, cooking, and spending quality time with her friends and family. Some of her favorites include the movie “Miracle” and the quote “Great moments are born from great opportunity” - Herb Brooks.

Kiara would now like to take this opportunity to thank her closest friends and family for their devoted support and unconditional love in all endeavors. She would also like to recognize her favorite teachers, Mr. Albright and Mrs. Pray for instilling a love for learning and for creating such a positive atmosphere.

“I want to thank my mom and dad for everything they do for me, my siblings for always having my back, and my best friends for making the last four years incredible. I don’t know what I would do without you all! <3

My AP Biology teacher, Mr. Raymond Albright introduced me to my love for biology freshman year and it further developed during AP Bio. I can see myself doing something with this in the future.”

I would like to thank all my past teachers and coaches who have supported me and taught me many lessons over the years. Specifically, I would like to thank Mrs. Courtney Pray for everything she has done for me. I would also like to thank my family and friends for all their love and support!!” Kiara shares.

Kiara resides with her parents, Jay and Dina, and her siblings, Coltan (19), Lydia (14), and Calista (12).

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