Nicole Pinheiro

NICOLE PINHEIRO - Constant volunteer in the Reading community area and beyond; Honor student

The dedication and devotion Nicole has shown to the Reading Community over the past four years has made her an example of success to the students of RMHS. Those who know her recognize her as a friendly face, encouraging to others, and over all, a kind person. Nicole shows these traits with her many accomplishments through constant volunteering, working, and giving back in numerous other ways.

When remembering her time spent at RMHS, Nicole shares that her favorite memory revolves around making so many new friends and the memories made with them. She shares how grateful she is for her friends as they’ve always been there for her during the ups and downs of her time at Reading Memorial High School.

Consistently taking high and rigorous classes in the past, Nicole stays pushing herself in her academics throughout her senior year. She shares how many classes have helped shape her academically and how grateful she has been to learn under some of the best teachers. This year she’s enrolled in Honors Epidemic Disease, Honors Spanish 5, Intro to Calc, Horror, and Child Development. To commemorate her hard work and dedication to her studies, Nicole had won the Lasell University Book Award.

Nicole looks forward to the opportunity of applying to different colleges in and surrounding the New England area this winter. Next fall, she would like to start pursuing a major in communication disorders. Nicole looks forward to new beginnings and the chance to purse her most interesting courses at a new location.

In her free time, Nicole enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family. When she's not doing that, Nicole could be seen watching television or exercising. She also could be seen watching her favorite movie, Grown Ups, or eating at her favorite restaurant, Mandarin in Reading. As for working experience, Nicole has been working at Russell Farms in Woburn, where she’s worked since the beginning of junior year. She's also been a counselor at Camp Six Acres in Medford since freshman year.

Along with giving back inside the Reading town lines, Nicole goes above and beyond to volunteer in other areas as well. Before the coronavirus, Nicole volunteered at the Winchester Hospital. She shares that it was a rewarding service as she was able to see the everyday adventures of what it was like working in that environment.

When reflecting on her favorite classes at RMHS, Nicole shares that her Childhood Development class this year has been the most influential. She adds that this class has been the most memorable course because of how eye-opening it was on the impacts on the development of children.

“Taking Child Development this year so far has helped me learn how to work with kids and the way their minds work. It’s definitely been one of my favorite and most helpful classes I’ve taken and high school,” Nicole shares.

And lastly, Nicole would like to take this opportunity to thank her closest friends and family for the unwavering love and support. Nicole recognizes her friends for always making her laugh and creating memorable moments. Nicole would also like to highlight her family as a beacon of love in her life, as she shares that she wouldn't be where she was now without their support.

Nicole resides at 10 Breton Circle with her parents, Nilda and Jose, and older siblings, Ashley (25) and Kyle (22).

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