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WESTON LEWIN - Century Club, Jazz Band, Cards 4 Kindness; National French Contest medalist


Weston Lewin is a talented, empathetic, and ambitious student from Reading Memorial High School. If you ever saw him walking in the halls, he is always smiling. To those that knew him from the school band or only saw him during the performance at band concerts, he is very well known for his musical talent. He can transcribe, arrange, and compose his own music.

As of now Weston is in his last year of his high school career, he has made numerous exciting memories at RMHS. He shares, “I was one of the few kids who stayed at school after the walkout on March 13, 2020. Those last few hours were surreal. My friends and I bounced from one empty classroom to the next, talking with teachers and trying to make sense of all the uncertainty.” Weston even shares that at RMHS, he will never forget the jazz band performances. “It’s not only an accomplishment to perform the music we work on all year but a special privilege to be able to communicate that love for the music to the audience.”

In addition to his love for music, Weston has a strong passion for swimming. He shares, “I’ve been swimming for about nine years. I was a captain of the Meadow Brook Golf Club Summer Swim Team for the 2020 and 2021 seasons.” Meanwhile at RMHS, Weston has become the captain of the RMHS Boys Swim Team.

Besides swimming, Weston is also involved in multiple clubs at RMHS. During Weston’s freshman year, he made it to the Century Club, a club that recognizes the top students of the grade based on their unweighted GPA. Sophomore year, Weston became the RMHS Jazz Band representative. That same year, he became the RMHS Jazz Band Lead Alto Saxophone which he still holds. As a junior, he volunteered to tutor for Study Buddies. Additionally, he was a member of the RMHS Cards 4 Kindness Club from junior year to senior year which was also another service work club.

Weston has always been a very diligent student. His favorite past courses include Advanced Placement United States History, Advanced Placement English Language and Composition, Advanced Placement Biology, Honors Pre-calculus, Honors French 4, and Jazz Band. For senior year, Weston’s classes include Advanced Placement European History, Advanced Placement Literature and Composition, Advanced Placement Calculus BC, Advanced Placement Physics, Entrepreneurship, Commercial Banking, Jazz Band, and Independent Study in Western Philosophy.

Along with being a very diligent student, Weston was always challenging himself during his four years of high school. He is a high honor roll student and received many awards. As a freshman, he earned a Medalist in the National French Contest. In the year of 2020, he received the MMEA Northeastern Senior Districts Jazz Alto Sax High Score and was accepted into the MMEA All-State Jazz Band. Last year, Weston was honorably rewarded with the Brown Book Award. The award states, “Given to a student who combines high degree of ability in English expression with outstanding personal qualities.” Weston wanted to especially thank two teachers that greatly influenced him.

Weston shares, “I first had Ms. Mooney for sophomore year English. Ms. Mooney not only fostered my appreciation for literature, but she completely changed my approach to writing and showed me through the nuances of her teaching style what a truly great educator is. I’m thoroughly enjoying being taught again by Ms. Mooney this year in AP Lit.”

Furthermore, Weston shares thanks to Mr. DeBenedictis. He shares, “Ironically, I wasn’t really into history until my junior year, when I took AP US History with Mr. DeBenedictis. Before junior year I thought history was boring, a class where you memorize seemingly irrelevant names and dates. Mr. D’s class showed me that history is more. He showed me that the study of history is interdisciplinary. He showed me that historical figures are complex individuals, not just the faces you see in a textbook. He showed me that history is always relevant, always changing.”

Outside of school being in session, Weston spends his time volunteering and working.

Weston shares, “ I have played saxophone in Ben’s Big Benefit Show, a concert organized by Ben Mini supporting numerous charities, for the last four years, though the most recent show was cancelled due to COVID. Over the summer, I spent multiple days at Barrows Elementary School and Birch Meadow Elementary School helping pack and organize classroom supplies. I also help out at the Reading Middle Schools Jazz Band rehearsals, and I am a saxophone instructor for Notelove Boston, a non-profit that provides free music lessons to low-income youth.”

Volunteering is important to Weston. He shares, “I stand for equity. I try to reflect this value in all of my service work.”

Weston also has some working experience he shares. “Since July 2020, I have run a virtual saxophone lesson studio using Zoom and FaceTime. I currently teach four middle-school students. I also worked as a lifeguard at Resorts North in North Reading over the summer.”

In his free time, Weston is a big fan of reading. His favorite genres are usually nonfiction books. He often sets goals for himself. He shares, “For 2021, I’ve set a goal to read 52 books, or a book every week.” Other than reading, Weston loves to cook. He believes that “There’s nothing better than cooking a meal and sharing it with the people you love.”

For the future, Weston sees himself pursuing the humanities, but he is still undecided for his major. He is interested in education. Weston says, “I’ve always liked the idea of teaching or serving in an administrative role at a high school or college.” He is hoping to attend a Liberal Arts College in the Northeast.

Weston wanted to show some gratitude to the important people in his life. He shares, “First and foremost, I’d like to thank my parents for investing so much of their lives in me for the past 4 years. Much of what I have been able to accomplish was made possible only with their guidance. I’d also like to thank my friends, who have supported me in more ways than they know. And to my teachers, thank you all. Your work is invaluable.”

Weston resides on Fairchild Drive with both of his parents, Paige and Dave Lewin and his brother Levi (15).

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