LYDIA FREEDMAN - National Honor Society member and Girl Rising fundraising advisor

As a friendly face to all, Lydia Freedman incorporates all RMHS core values. She’s a hard worker and avid contributor to the many clubs she’s a part of. Lydia has made a deep, positive impact on the students and staff of RMHS and will go on to accomplish great things. Her leadership skills and determination have given her great opportunities and will continue to open doors in the future. Her inclusivity and kindness will reign memorable to all reflecting on the students of RMHS class

of ‘21.

Next fall, Lydia plans on majoring in either Neuroscience or Biochemistry with a field of interest in research on mental health and the brain. In the upcoming weeks, Lydia looks forward to hearing back from the prominent small liberal arts schools she's applied to in New York, specifically Vassar.

When reflecting on her favorite moments from her high school experience, Lydia shares that many of them revolve around her contributions to noble organizations.

“My most exciting moment of high school so far has been the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Walk I held in October. I was able to get about 75 participants. We also raised $1700 as a whole. Also the Girl Rising shelter drives. We collected toiletries and clothes for women in need,” Lydia shares.

As someone who has greatly impacted the Reading community, Lydia has been involved in many different organizations. Something she was involved in was all of the green ribbon project events she has planned.

“I will remember my wonderful teachers who have helped me grow as a person, as well as all of the Green Ribbon Project events I planned (pins for teachers, also the Artsfest prompt),” Lydia shares.

Lydia has consistently challenged herself academically with many rigorous classes. This year she’s enrolled in Advanced Placement Physics, Advanced Placement BC Calculus, Advanced Placement Lit, Advanced Placement Euro, Honors Latin IV and Piano.

With her impressive grades, Lydia has earned herself positions in many intellectual clubs, as well as awards. Freshman year, Lydia was a part of the Century Club which recognizes the top percentage of students in each grade. She is also a part of the National Honor Society which celebrates students based on their height grades, many volunteer hours, and multiple leadership roles. She was also given the National Latin Exam Summa Cum Laude, solidifying her hard work and achievement.

Lydia has loved giving back to the community in any way she can. She appreciates the many opportunities available to help others succeed. In the past she has volunteered at creative arts, tutored younger students, as well as working as a peer tutor. Lydia has also volunteered for Jams for Jake which helps awareness for drug abuse. She has also volunteered at MLK events where she was able to help those who do not have enough food.

More service work that Lydia is deeply passionate about has been a run for a mental health awareness project. Through this, Lydia raised money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and she held events both in and out of school.

Some of her favorites include the movie Love Actually, the restaurant Bangkok Spice and Risotto. Her favorite quote is one from the Kingdom of the Wicked said by Kerri Maniscalco, “Your heart will conquer darkness. Trust in that”. Her favorite show is Maximilian and Marie of Burgundy and her favorite song is w.a.m.s. Fall Out Boy.

In her free time, Lydia enjoys writing, reading, and coding. She could also be seen dancing at her dance studio as well as working as an assistant teacher.

Lydia would like to thank those who have helped her in all her endeavors during high school and in the past. She would specifically like to highlight Mr. Buono and Mr. Williams, two teachers at RMHS who have had a positive and influential impact on her education and helped foster her love to learn. Lydia would also like to highlight the friends and classmates who have made high school enjoyable. And nevertheless, Lydia would like to thank her dance teachers for helping her with her biggest passion.

“Thank you, Mr. Buono, for helping me pursue my passion for science and engineering. Without taking Principles of Engineering, I would never have gotten to the career path I am currently pursuing, nor would I have realized how much I love STEM. Ms. Williams of the English department was very supportive when I was experiencing personal struggles. She also encouraged me to think critically and be persuasive,” Lydia shares.

“Attending RMHS has been an amazing experience for me. I have been able to pursue my many interests as well as make new friends and lead events. I am so grateful to Ms. Boynton and Ms. Keaney for helping me raise awareness about mental health in the high school, as well as my teachers for just being supportive of me overall,” Lydia shares.

“Jess is one of my dance teachers. She has been an amazing teacher who has helped me grow as a person and a dancer. Another one of my dance teachers, Shannon, has been an amazing support through my college application process. She has also helped me grow as a person by helping me through personal struggles,” Lydia shares.

And lastly, Lydia would like to thank her supportive family for their unconditional support. She deeply appreciates their help and love along the way.

Lydia resides on Grove Street in Reading with her parents Amelia Devin Freedman and Scott Freedman, twin sister Claire (18)

and younger brother Theodore Freedman (15).

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