Stephanie Goldner

Stephanie Goldner - President of the RMHS Marching Band, NHS Member

To the Senior Class and the rest of Reading Memorial High School, Steph Goldner is a kind, inclusive individual, endeared student, and friend to all. To the Reading Community, she’s a constant volunteer, devoted member of the town, and a hard worker. Her friends would describe her as someone that fills the room with laughter and helps make the atmosphere better for everyone.

Steph looks forward to continuing her academia at Clemson University, in South Carolina. She's beyond grateful to study at her dream school as she plans to pursue her dreams in majoring in architecture.

“I’m super excited to head south for college and experience the atmosphere at Clemson. I’m hoping to join Tiger Band, and participate in some intramurals/clubs,” she shares.

Something Steph has a lot of passion for that she practices daily is the alto saxophone. She’s played in the RMHS Marching Band for the past four years, earning president of the club with her hard work and dedication, not only to her instrument but to the other members as well. She’s also participated in the winter color guard the past three years as well.

Her advisors and fellow members for the club have recognized her constant work and leadership over the past four years and have awarded her with many roles in the club because of it. This year she is President, Junior Year she was Vice President and Section Leader, and finally, she was Treasurer her sophomore year.

She credits many of her most exciting and memorable moments as being a part of the RMHS Marching Band.

“My most exciting moment was playing at marching band finals this past fall. Although we got second, we performed one of our best shows that night, and it was a great experience to share with my friends. I will remember all the memories I made with my friends, especially during marching band season,” Steph shares.

In both freshman and sophomore year, Steph was awarded a Medalist for the National French Exam, showing how hard she excels and works for her grades. She also got an Honorable Mention for the National French Exam last year, again showing how hard she works to exceed greatly. Freshman year she was included in the select few people in her grade who were added to the Century Club, a club at the high school that recognizes the students in each grade with the highest grades. To commemorate and seal her many academic achievements, Steph is a part of the RMHS Chapter of The National Honor Society. This club helps recognize students based on high grades, leadership roles and many volunteer hours.

Steph has continuously challenged herself while being at RMHS with many different rigorous classes. In the past she’s taken many different Honors courses and last year she was enrolled in Advanced Prep Chemistry. This year she shows her dedication to her grades and subjects by the many hours spent studying. This year she’s enrolled in AP Statistics, BC Calculus, AP French, AP Physics 1, Honors Poetry, Honors Film & Lit, and an Independent Study for Advanced Engineering Design. Steph shares that she’s also interested in the arts as she’s pursued that love by taking many different visual arts electives, such as graphic design and sculpture.

Although she’s a very hard worker in school, she also spends a lot of time giving back to the community in many different ways. Steph loves volunteering at her church, St. Agnes, and has been an altar server since the fourth grade. In the past few years she recently taught CCD and helped in the Parish office, sharing that she loves the many opportunities she has to give back to the Reading Catholic Community.

Some of her favorite things include Mac and Cheese, ice cream, the Philadelphia Eagles, practicing her instrument, karate, skiing, Girl Scouts, and spending quality time with her family and friends. She also likes to watch sports, go to the beach, and listen to music.

As her senior year comes to a close, Steph reflects on the many people who’ve impacted her, academically and personally. She shares that her family has always been there for her and has given her constant support. Steph credits her amazing family, friends and teachers for pushing her towards greatness not only the past four years, but her whole life.

“I want to thank my family for supporting me in everything I do, and my awesome friends who have always been there for me. I also want to thank the Class of 2020 for a great four years, and RMHS teachers and staff for all their support throughout high school,” Steph shares.

Steph resides at 459 Lowell Street in Reading with her parents Michelle

and Steve, and younger siblings, Courtney (15) and

Matthew (10).

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