Mikayla Cail

MIKAYLA CAIL - RMHS Girls Softball, will study Criminal Justice at Endicott College

This week’s Senior Profile showcases Mikayla Cail, an outgoing, nice, and friendly member of the Reading Memorial High School community. Before attending RMHS, she previously went to Joshua Eaton Elementary School and Walter S. Parker Middle School. Mikayla’s presence has always been able to lift the environment into a positive mood and will always go out of her way to make you feel comfortable.

Mikayla states, “I feel like I am someone anyone can come to. I volunteer myself to participate in anything I can. Whether that is freshman orientation, freshman move up day, etc. I love being a part of things that will benefit other people at RMHS.”

This year, Mikayla is taking a great lineup of classes which includes Poetry, Horror and Fear Literature, Law, World War II, Intro to Calculus, Anatomy and Physiology, and Spanish.

So far, her favorite course load out of the lineup is Anatomy and Physiology.

She explains, “All of the teachers I have had made a huge difference in the way I look at school. They make it fun and make sure you are still learning and understanding what they are teaching you. They will never fail to push you to become a better student than you already are. That’s what I love most about the staff at RMHS. One class that has made an influence on my development is Anatomy and Physiology. I always look forward to that class and I love learning about the human body and I always learn something new in that class.”

When asked about what she will remember the most about high school, Mikayla responds with the friendships that she has created.

She states, “I will never forget my high school friends and teachers I had. Everyday is something new and that’s what I love and will remember forever. The amount of jokes that go on during class and how many laughs I have had in every class will be a core memory of mine.”

For sports, Mikayla has been playing for the RMHS girls softball team since freshman year. This year she is playing on the girls varsity softball team and plays both second and third base.

Mikayla would like to give some big thanks to some very special people.

She says, “I would like to thank my parents for everything they have done. They both push me everyday to be a better version of myself and I will always appreciate it. They have always supported me in everything I choose to do and will always have my back. They are my biggest supporters and I will love them forever.”

Outside of school, Mikayla works at Fat Larry’s located on Haven Street in Reading. In her free time she enjoys spending her time with her family and friends.

Some quick fun facts about Mikayla are that her favorite food is french fries and her favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookies. Her favorite actor is Ian Somerhalder and Dear John is her favorite movie. Her favorite type of animal is dogs. It ends with us, by Colleen Hoover is her favorite book. Finally, her favorite quote is “Step by step, day by day.”

In the future Mikayla will be studying Criminal Justice at Endicott College. She is very interested in the fields of being a patrol officer, detective, and CSI Agent.

Mikayla lives on Victoria Avenue with her parents Albert and Dina Cail. She has two siblings Michael (20) and Morgan (14).

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