READING – On Friday, February 21, Reading Municipal Light Department (RMLD) was the target of a ransomware security breach, which has been sweeping the nation. The RMLD will not be paying the ransom. The RMLD IT team has worked tirelessly to assess and isolate the problem and believes it is contained. To ensure that the technology infrastructure is indeed swept of all immediate threats, the RMLD has hired an outside IT consultant. The RMLD IT team along with the consultant are working towards the greatest success of returning to business as usual. RMLD has also been in contact with the proper local, state, and federal authorities.

There is no impact to the delivery of electric service, and the grid is secure. At this time, there is no indication that customer financial data (such as bank account and credit card information) has been compromised as it is housed in a separate third-party system (Invoice Cloud); however, customer account information such as name, address, email address, and historical electric usage may have been accessed.

RMLD asks customers to please note the following:

Reporting Outages/Service Issues – Customers may continue to report outages and service issues by contacting RMLD at 781-942-6598.

New Service Requests and Closings – Customers who wish to sign up for service or receive a final read should contact customer service at 781-942-6598.

Payments - Customers may make payments via the following methods:

In-person payments: Payments by cash or check will be accepted at the customer service counter during regular business hours. Customers must have a copy of their bill with them for in-person payments. Credit cards cannot be accepted in person at this time.

Online payments: Payments may continue to be made via Invoice Cloud. Credit cards will be accepted online, and customers will see their payment reflected on their bank account statement as normal. Autopayments have not been affected and will be processed as usual.

Pay by phone: Payments may be made via RMLD’s automated payment line at 1-844-368-3946. Credit cards will be accepted via phone, and customers will see their payment reflected on their bank account statement as normal.

Drop Box Payments: Drop box payments will be accepted as usual.

Prompt Payment Discounts will be honored despite a potential delay in payments carrying over from Invoice Cloud to RMLD’s billing system.

RMLD takes this cyber infiltration very seriously, and staff is working tirelessly to correct this issue and restore regular business operations as soon as possible. Updates will be provided regularly as the situation evolves. Customers with questions may contact RMLD at 781-942-6598.

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