Courtney Goldner

COURTNEY GOLDNER - RMHS varsity cheer team, Sportsmanship Award recipient, community volunteer

This week's Senior Profile spotlights Courtney Goldner, an energetic, thoughtful, and determined senior at Reading Memorial High School. Courtney has been a key member of the girls varsity cheer team. She is also a wonderful friend to many at the high school. Before coming to RMHS Courtney attended Birch Meadow Elementary School and Coolidge Middle School. This year Courtney is taking a great selection of courses including AP Government, AP Statistics, Honors Horror, Spanish, Intro to Calculus and Financial Literacy.

Courtney has been an active member of her community helping out around the town throughout her time at the high school. Courtney grew up going to church at St. Agnes in Reading every weekend. She taught religious education to second graders her junior year of high school and she taught first graders her senior year. Since third grade she has been an altar server and helps out at mass. Courtney has helped out at church even more by raising money towards a new ceiling. The new ceiling was expected to cost over one million dollars. Courtney decided to help by sewing and selling scrunchies for $4. She was able to donate around $1,000 dollars to the church.

Courtney describes why she wanted to take action and help raise money saying, “I knew I wanted to do something to give back to this church and community that has done so much for me.”

Courtney says that one of the most exciting moments of her high school years was winning Leagues senior year with the cheer team.

She explains why the moment was so exciting saying, “After winning the previous 2 years, there was pressure on to keep the streak. However, right before Leagues, I fell out of a stunt and was injured for a few days. At first, I didn’t know how long I would be out for. This made me so much more grateful for my time as a Lady Rocket and I realized how much this team meant to me and how much I would miss it when it ended.”

Ultimately, Courtney ended up being able to compete and despite their music stopping, they put out an excellent routine that won them Leagues and a ticket to Regionals.

At the high school Courtney has been part of the girls varsity competition cheerleading team since freshman year. She has excelled at the sport and won a sportsmanship award for her senior year cheer season at the high school.

Courtney has been able to work on top of a busy schedule with school and sports. She has worked at Messy Mike's Barbeque since 2015 and currently works at Cafe Capri in Reading.

When Courtney has some free time she enjoys spending time with her friends.

Courtney says, “Although I’m excited for the next chapter of my life in college, I'm going to miss being a quick drive away from my best friends.”

In terms of who Courtney would like to thank as her time at the high school comes to a close, she says she gives thanks to her Grandparents.

Courtney writes, “I would like to thank my grandparents for everything they’ve done for me. My Grampy is one of my best friends and we find time to talk everyday. He started an electrical company on his own and is part of the reason I want to have my own business when I’m older. He’s been an inspiration for me my entire life.”

When asked what Courtney will remember most about high school she says she will never forget cheering on the sidelines at the football games with her cheer team.

Courtney writes, “Of course there was a student section at every game, but the home games were something special. The presence of the student sections made the games a hundred times more exciting and memorable. I would always look up to find my friends in the sea of red and black and finding them would put a smile across my face.”

Next year Courtney is excited to attend the University of Tennessee. She plans on continuing cheer there and she will be majoring in Management and Entrepreneurship.

Courtney resides on Lowell Street with her parents Steve and Michelle Goldner. Courtney has two siblings Stephanie (20) and Matthew (13)

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