Domenic DeCrescenzo

DOMENIC DeCRESCENZO - RMHS Varsity Football Captain, NHS member, will attend Tufts University

To the RMHS community, Domenic is a leader, teammate and friend. He is a very outgoing and open person who values the relationships he has with fellow classmates. His work as captain of the RMHS Varsity Football team has shown his dedication, hard work and effort.

Some of his greatest memories consist of times on the field. Dom shares his most exciting moment was winning the Thanksgiving game his sophomore year against Stoneham.

“With freezing cold temperatures, on the road, and down by 2 scores in the 4th quarter, there was really no hope for us. However we found a way to win in overtime after a goal line stop, and the party started after that. Couldn’t be any more proud of my teammates that year, and the turkey definitely tasted a lot better,” he shares.

With the Reading Football Program, Dom ran a car wash for the Reading Food Pantry. Overall the team raised around $1,700 for the pantry. In addition, with his team, he took part in a walk to raise awareness for mental health.

Dom shares, “In any way we can, the football team and I try to give back to the community, and show how much we appreciate them.” He also helps out at his parish St Patrick’s, in Stoneham on the weekends as an usher and altar server.

Looking at his mentors and influences, Dom thanks the Reading Football Staff. “They saw potential in me when I was a freshman, and they helped me grow into the player, student, and man I am today. Also they gave me the opportunity to wear the prestigious #77, led my teammates as captain my senior year, and helped me achieve my ultimate dream, to play college football.”

A member of the RMHS chapter of National Honor Society, Dom has shown his dedication to academics, leadership, service and hard work.

Outside of school and sports, Dom hangs out with friends and family. He also works for Saturday Night Lights, a town flag football league, and works for a local landscaping company.

Dom is forever grateful for the teachers he had and the relationships he made with his classmates. Every teacher at RMHS says Dom has been caring towards them and he always helps students. A couple of the teachers that have made an impact on his time at RMHS are Ms. Smith, Mrs. Cambra, and Mrs. Griffin. Building strong relationships with these teachers is what Dom will remember. He shares they were always there when times were tough, and they are very caring and supportive.

“Not only do they care about you as a person, but they also push you to succeed as a student, and for that I am forever grateful,” Dom said.

This year for his classes, he is enrolled in Advanced Placement Environmental Issues, Honors World Issues, Honors Diverse Voices, Honors Film and Literature, Honors Psychology, Intro to Calculus, and Economics.

Looking back on his time at the high school, he shares that he will remember most the relationships he made.

“Whether in the classroom with teachers or fellow classmates, I really enjoyed everyone I met along the way. Those are lifelong connections that will never leave your side, and I’m forever thankful for my 4 years at RMHS.”

As for the future, Dom is well on his way to success. He will attend Tufts University in the fall where he will play football and hopes to major in economics with an interest in business.

“My high school experience is something I’ll never forget. The relationships I made, the experiences I went through, and all the other things that came along with highs chool will forever be remembered by me. I’m thankful for everyone that made my 4 years successful, and even if my fellow 2021 classmates and I got our senior year taken away, I know all of us will be successful in our future endeavors. Rockets for Life! Rocket Pride!”

He thanks his family and friends for always being there for him.

“I can’t thank my family enough for all they’ve done for me. They are my best friends and my biggest supporters. Without them I would be nowhere in life, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us together. I love all you guys.”

Domenic lives on West Street with his parents Kimberlee and Stephen and siblings Tiana (20), Alana (9).

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