ELLA RAMOS - Co-Editor of The Orbit; Daily Times writer; will attend UNH

Ella Ramos has been a constant presence of kindness and compassion. Since attending Sawyer Preschool, Joshua Eaton, Parker and then RMHS, Ella has made an impact on the Reading community. Her dedication to others and her selflessness is what makes her an incredible friend, classmate and student. Teachers often share that her presence in the classroom is essential. She embodies what it means to be a good person. Her love of writing and art drives her incredible work as the editor of the RMHS Orbit, through which she has also helped so many other students find their voice. Her work has been recognized by many and is such a great accomplishment. She also spent many hours dedicating her time to volunteering and making a lasting impact on the community. To many, she is an amazing friend, student and classmate. She will always be remembered for her impact on RMHS.

When reflecting on the past four years of her high school career, Ella shares that she’ll forever remember the memories made with new and old friends. She’s thankful to the high school for connecting her with new friends and bonding lifelong friendships.

“I will always remember the great relationships to come out of RMHS and the people I've met. I’ve grown a lot through the past four years and couldn’t have done so without such a great support system,” Ella shares.

One of Ella’s biggest passions has always been writing. She’s been involved in the high school newspaper, The Orbit, since her freshman year. In her sophomore year, Ella alongside her good friend were given the well deserved title of Co-Editors. Ella found this as such a rewarding experience as she got to help and collaborate with others and write to help other students at RMHS understand what’s going on within the school.

Other clubs Ella’s been involved in have been the Politics Club, the Rotary Club, and the Leo Club. Ella appreciates the diverse conversations in the politics club meetings that have helped keep her current in news. Through the Rotary Club Ella has volunteered at a women’s shelter in Boston called Rosie’s Place, as well as at Birch Meadow and Killam schools.

Throughout her time at Reading Memorial High School, Ella has consistently persisted and taken tough courses to push herself. This year has been no different as she stayed challenging herself while taking interesting courses. She was enrolled in Trigonometry, Animation, Digital Photo, Journalism, Film and Lit, Spanish, and AP Government and Politics. Some of her notable past classes have been Computer Science with Mr. Strout and Acting with Mrs. Cunha.

In just a short few months, Ella will be moving into The University of New Hampshire. At this college, Ella looks forward to pursuing multiple avenues of interest, such as graphic design, journalism, and criminal justice. One thing for sure however, is Ella’s excitement for the fall and the many new opportunities UNH will bring.

Some of her favorites include the actors Emma Watson, Timothee Chalamet and the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. Her favorite restaurants are in the North End as she loves spending time in Boston. Ella enjoys spending her free time by reading, painting, drawing, hiking, and spending time with friends and family. She spends her summers in Austin, Texas with her cousins and is hoping to return back soon, as it holds her favorite people and places.

Ella could be seen working as a hostess at the Winchester Country Club. She has also been employed by the Daily Times since her junior year to write senior profiles and is sad to see it end.

Having a good teacher can change the trajectory of your life completely. Ella shares that her two universal favorite teachers from RMHS have been Mrs. Pray and Ms. Bailey. Ella has had the pleasure of having both of them as teachers more than once and shares that they’ve made her a better classmate, as well as person. She’s forever thankful for their classes and will remember the memories made in them forever.

“I’ve had many amazing teachers throughout my life but two who have stood out the most have been Mrs. Pray and Ms. Bailey. I’ve had them both for two years and they’ve always created such a positive and fun learning experience as well as an educational one. I’ll never forget their classes as well as material learned in both as they are such incredible teachers but even better people.”

And lastly, Ella would like to take this opportunity to highlight her biggest influences in her life that have made her into the woman she is today. Without the unconditional support and encouragement from her family and friends, Ella would not be where she is today.

“My family has pushed me to be the best version of myself and I’m beyond thankful for that. Grateful to 01867 for being the best home and having the best people,” Ella shares.

Ella resides in Reading with her mom Pamela, older sister Olivia (20), and twin brother, Max (18).

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