JACKIE CARACO - National Honor Society, Outdoor / Indoor Track, Club President for Samantha’s Harvest

To the Reading community, Jackie Caraco is a hardworking, considerate, and friendly person. In her previous years, she has attended Wood End Elementary School, ACS International School, Coolidge Middle School, Attea Middle School, Glenbrook South High School, and then RMHS. No matter where she is, Jackie is a positive role model to all.

Being a student-athlete at RMHS has led Jackie to create many joyous memories. She shares that her most exciting moment would be the day she became a sports captain for three teams. She states, “It was one of the most exciting days for me because I had achieved the goal that I had been dreaming of since I was a little kid and didn’t know if it was possible to do. So the day I became a spring sports captain, was a very cool reflection of how hard I have worked over the years to become the best athlete I could be.”

Other than her memories of sports and friendships, Jackie shares that she will always remember the sports traditions at RMHS. She shares, “I will never forget Senior Night and the Scavenger Hunts.”

Throughout her high school career, Jackie has been part of many sports teams. In her freshman year, Jackie was a forward for the Freshman Basketball Team. The following year, she played on the JV Basketball team. Jackie also played soccer all four years of high school. During her freshman year, she made it to the Freshman Soccer team where she played as a forward. Since her sophomore year, she began playing on the Varsity Soccer team. As her skills progressed, she became the Girls Soccer Captain in her senior year. In her junior year, Jackie started joining the Outdoor and Indoor Track team. For track, she runs the mid-distance, sprints, and is a hurdler. This year, she was elected as captain for both track teams.

Besides sports, Jackie is involved in many clubs at RMHS and spends her time volunteering around the community. Some clubs that Jackie is part of include Cards 4 Kindness Club, Mental Health Awareness Club, and Best Buddies Club. Jackie is also the Club President for Samantha’s Harvest, where she would organize fundings for programs and organizations that directly enhance the lives of individuals with Down Syndrome. Jackie believes that volunteering is a way of helping others in her community to achieve a common goal.

She shares, “There are so many different types of volunteering that everyone can find time to dedicate their time to help their community. A little can go a long way and that is what I always remember when I dedicate my time to help others in projects occurring throughout Reading and in the Boston area.”

Some places she has previously volunteered at include the Beautiful Game Soccer Academy, Reading Town Hall, and Reading Municipal Light Department.

At school, Jackie is a hardworking student who likes to put in her best effort to excel in her classes. Throughout her four years of high school, she has always been an honor roll student. In her junior year, Jackie was awarded the High Point University’s Underclassmen Award. That same year, she became a member of the National Honor Society. For this year, Jackie’s classes include AP Biology, AP Spanish, Anatomy & Physiology, Honors Story Writing, Honors Poetry, Honors Psychology, and Pre-Calculus.

Jackie shares that her past favorite class would be Mr. Reardon’s geometry class. She shares, “Geometry with Mr. Reardon my sophomore year is a class I will never forget. I’m not the strongest at math, but his class gave me so much confidence in myself. When I got an answer wrong, he never made me feel less intelligent and instead walked me through the problem to find where I messed up. Mr. Reardon is a teacher who truly cared for my success in his class and was always a teacher I would go to when I was having a problem that I needed help with.”

Another teacher that made an influence on Jackie was her sophomore and junior year Spanish teacher, Mr. Bosco. She states, “I had Mr. Bosco my sophomore and junior year for Spanish which significantly influenced my understanding of Spanish. Over those two years, I never thought I would have been able to improve as much as I did in my speaking, reading, and listening comprehension than when I was in his class. It was one of the hardest classes I have taken, but I have learned so much Spanish because of the challenge.”

When asked to describe Jackie, her teachers all shared she’s a positive student in the classroom. Mr. Bosco shares, “Jackie was a consistently an impressive invested student who even on her worse days didn’t let her self expectations down. I wish I could be more like her.” Jackie’s AP Biology teacher, Mr. Albright notes, “Jackie is a student with a deep enthusiasm for every day, the little things about doing the lab, or choosing work and figuring it out with friends. She brings a little extra energy, and a little extra joy to the tasks.”

Jackie is a very grateful person and wanted to share some thanks with some important people. She shares, “I would like to thank all my friends, family, coaches, and teachers who have supported me throughout my life. They have all helped me become the person I am today and have helped me achieve the goals I have set for myself.”

In the future, Jackie would like to major in nursing. So far, Jackie has gotten into 10 different nursing colleges but hasn’t decided which school will be her final choice. Jackie resides on Dividence Road, with her parents, Danielle Caraco and Matt Caraco. She also has two younger siblings, Katie Caraco (15) and Michael Caraco (13).

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