Jennifer Wheeler

Jenni Wheeler - Politics Club President, RMHS Drama Club, NHS, and Century Club member

Jenni Wheeler is a dedicated and hardworking student of the Class of 2021. Her friends and family would say that she is a bubbly person who makes others laugh. Her teachers would say that her contributions are essential and insightful. Her time dedicated to her love of field hockey on the RMHS Girls Varsity team has inspired many girls throughout the community as she has led programs to help young goalies.

Not only has she done a lot of work with clubs and volunteering, she is an avid supporter of social justice and an ally to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Through the club We the Youth, she helped organize events that fight for social justice and racial equality in Reading.

In terms of academics, Jenni’s stellar record is proven through her membership in the RMHS Century Club which takes the students with the highest unweighted GPAs from each grade. She was also granted admission into the National Honors Society chapter at RMHS. In addition she received a high honor roll all four years, and the Silver award on Spanish National Exam.

Jenni looks forward to applying to different colleges. She is looking at several around the New England area, many of which are small Liberal Arts colleges. Her favorites are Tufts University and Dartmouth College.

Her love of politics inspires her hope to major in political science with a dream of working in social sciences.

Looking back on her time at the high school, Jenni remembers her hours spent in the RMHS Drama Club. This past year in the RMHS Drama club’s production of A View From the Bridge, Jenni had the privilege of being one of the leads.

She shares, “It was the most fun, exhilarating, and transformative experience of high school.”

Her love of theater and the arts drive her love of acting. Jenni’s time in the club has given her memories with her friends that she will never forget.

With her love of politics, Jenni was given the position of Co-President of the RMHS Politics Club. Throughout this position she facilitated weekly debates during the school year and hosted weekly virtual discussions during quarantine. She developed and maintained the club's social media, and explored, redefined, and justified her own political beliefs while building argumentation skills.

In addition, in the RMHS Mock Trial club she led her peers in preparing direct and cross-examination questions and helped develop trial strategy while mentoring younger members on courtroom etiquette. She shares that her passion for debate and politics has given her opportunities to flourish in these clubs and she enjoyed her time spent in each.

Her passion for Spanish has also led her to be the Secretary of the Spanish Club. Through this position, she assisted with teaching about social justice movements & human rights violations in Latin America. She aided in organizing club-bonding events and cultural celebrations of Spanish culture and traditions.

Giving back to the community is also something Jenni is known for. Her officer position in the Leo Club has given her the

opportunity to serve others in the community. Through this, she coordinated social service activities, communicated with club members to advertise upcoming volunteer work and volunteered at local elementary schools, senior homes, and community events to enhance community experiences.

In the Reading community, Jenni volunteered as a religious education teacher at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Reading. She supervised 15-25 elementary students, guiding the students in religious education lessons and activities. She loved finding creative and innovative ways for students to understand the material while keeping them engaged.

With any free time she has, Jenni also is employed at Dandi-Lyons Ice Cream in Reading throughout the summer and then during the year, works at Reading House of Pizza.

She also loves boxing and shares, “Boxing provides both a stress reliever and a hard workout, I love pushing myself with the intent of growing stronger, happier, and healthier.”

Jenni’s classes have been rigorous throughout her time at the high school. Freshman through junior year she took all honors classes with the addition of TV Production, Acting I, as well as Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Advanced Placement US History, and Advanced Placement Language and Composition.

This year her course load is heavy as she is taking Advanced Placement Government and Politics, Advanced Placement Physics 1, Advanced Placement Spanish, Advanced Placement Calculus AB, Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition, and Financial Literacy.

Many of her intense classes have given her the opportunity to be taught by some of the most influential teachers.

“Ms. Bailey taught me to never be ashamed to fight passionately for my beliefs and values. Before I entered the Politics Club that she advises, I was shy about expressing my political viewpoints. Her unapologetic belief in social justice has taught me to be more confident in standing up for what I believe in: human rights and social justice,” Jenni shares.

In addition, Jenni says, “Mrs. Williams’ class also helped me solidify my political beliefs, but it also created a passion for literature and writing, and Mr. Binaghi, whom I had for Spanish, taught me work ethic. In 9th grade, he told my class, ‘There’s no such thing as smart or dumb. It’s about whether you're lazy or not.’ These words became my motto throughout high school, and they inspired me to earn high grades despite learning challenges.”

Jenni would like to thank her friends for the many memories and times she had at RMHS. She would love to shout out her friend, Ojasi Shastri, “the only one who truly understands my weird, dark sense of humor.”

In addition, Jenni thanks her mom for all her love and support.

“Shout out to the madre! I couldn’t have made it through the highs and lows of high school academics, sports, clubs, and social scenes without her support and encouragement. She taught me my work ethic, and it was her devotion to helping me study for tests in 6th grade that set the foundation for me to be a conscientious, knowledgeable student later on in my school career.”

Jenni resides at 29 Clover Circle with her mother, Kathryn Wheeler, and siblings, Alexandra (19) and Chris (19).

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