Raising addiction awareness in memory of Amandee Elaine Hoctor

The family and friends of Amandee Elaine Hoctor of Wakefield - (Left to right) Anthony Gennetti, Heather Hoctor, Gardner deVos, Elaine Hoctor-deVos, Aaron deVos, Tom Hoctor.

Please join the family and friends of Amandee Elaine Hoctor of Wakefield at the first annual Cut-A-Thon on May 19 from 9 am to 3 pm at Main Street Barbers, 7 Princess Street in Wakefield.

This fundraiser’s goal is to help raise awareness about addiction.

“By bringing addiction into the light through education, we hope to stop the stigma and shame families often feel about their loved one and we pray that we will be saving lives,” said Elaine DiScipio Hoctor-deVos. Elaine is Amandee Hoctor’s mother. Amandee lost her fight with addiction 2 weeks before Christmas 2018. She was just 23 years old.

The Cut-A-Thon will have a number of barbers and hair dressers on board that day. In addition to the staff at Main Street Barbers owned by Elaine’s daughter and Amandee’s sister, Healther Hoctor, other hair professionals will be donating their time and talents at the Cut-A-Thon: Rocco Danieli and the crew from Over the Top Barbershop, Hunter Hughs, owner of Hair by Hunter Salon, and local stylists Christina Marini and Samantha O’Neil.

All donations will benefit three organizations that work to support addicts and their families.

• Learn to Cope: Learn to Cope is a non-profit support network that offers education, resources, peer support and hope for parents and family members coping with a loved one addicted to opiates or other drugs.

For more information visit: www.learn2cope.org/

• Dean’s House in Stoneham: Pierce Aliberti is the co-founder of Dean's House and Woburn Wellness addiction treatment center.

Dean's house is a no-nonsense approach to having a spiritual experience with the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

All of the staff on site are recovered drug addicts and alcoholics who have gone through the 12 steps in order to overcome their addiction and obsession to use drugs and alcohol.

Visit: www.deanshouseofrecovery.com/about-us

• Check out Project Cope in Lynn: Project COPE Inc. Womens Residential is a Substance Abuse Rehab Services in Lynn, MA.

You may want to review the podcasts from this

support organization: https://soberpodcasts.com/ Address: 66 Johnson Street , Lynn, MA, 01905, Website: http://www.projectcope.com/

Said Elaine, “Addiction holds the addict, family, and loved ones hostage. Fighting it is a heartbreaking, crushing, bloody battle for everyone involved.

Everyone loses something in this fight. The lucky ones who can find sobriety and remain sober have to battle for the rest of their lives, and their lives depend on it.

My daughter lost her fight shortly before Christmas 2018, however, she was much more than her addiction. She was the love and life as a daughter and sister… a true sweet light,” explained Elaine.

“I don’t know what the answer is, but we are going to start by raising awareness. At the Cut-A-Thon we will have books, literature, and resources to try to help educate and maybe help someone see the light and save a life.”

Men and women, please join the Cut-A-Thon to get your hair styled or cut. Come visit and grab educational material or make a donation.

Please make it known that addiction is a curse and a battle, but the stigma and shame must be overcome before support and saving can bring people closer to sobriety.

The event in memory of Amandee Hoctor includes proud and generous sponsors including Sabatino’s Restaurant, Parker Florist, and The Wakefield Bowladrom. The Cut-A-Thon also celebrates not only the memory of Amandee Hoctor (5/15/95 – 12/11/2018), but also Samantha Keegan (6/26/92 – 10/17/18), and Marisa Ruiz (9/5/84- 6/3/17). The event supports all others -- individuals, families, loved ones -- who are fighting fiercely and those who have lost their battles with addiction.

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