Ryan Wallace Senior Profile

RYAN WALLACE - National Honor Society, Winter and Spring Track, Community volunteer

­­Ryan Wallace is an intelligent, funny, easy-going, and kind member of the RMHS community. As someone who has successfully dedicated his time to his athletics and his academics, Ryan is a role model for his fellow students. Being able to balance a demanding course load with playing a sport in each season is a huge accomplishment for any student, including Ryan.

Ryan is a member of the RMHS Varsity Cross Country team, as well as the Varsity Winter and Spring Track teams. Ryan has dedicated a lot of time and effort to these teams, and has the results to prove it. He was chosen by his teammates to be a captain for the Spring Track team. One of Ryan’s favorite moments from high school was making the All-Conference team in the Middlesex League. This happened after Ryan ran a 16:13 in the 5K race. Ryan said it was the best race he has ever run and was extremely proud of his performance in it.

During his time at RMHS, Ryan has challenged himself by taking a demanding course load. Senior year at RMHS means students have more flexibility with their schedule and there are more diverse course offerings. With many of their requirements done, students are free to take classes in the areas of study they are truly interested in. Ryan has taken full advantage of this. For this year, Ryan is taking Advanced Placement Biology, Honors Horror in Literature, Honors Film and Literature, Honors Pre Calculus, WWII Pacific Theater and Atlantic Theater, Anatomy and Physiology, and Financial Literacy. Some of the electives that Ryan has chosen to take, such as WWII and Film and Literature, are very popular among Seniors at RMHS. Ryan has been recognized for his hard work by consistently making the High Honor Roll and by being a member of the National Honor Society.

In order to become an NHS member, prospective students must meet a set of requirements in leadership, academics, community service, and character.

Ryan is no stranger to community service. He has dedicated many hours to giving back to his community over the past four years. Ryan volunteers at the Boston Food Bank where he packages food for distribution. He has also volunteered with Cradles to Crayons where he helped make toy boxes for children in need. This past summer, Ryan spent time volunteering at the MSPCA for 8 weeks. Over this time period, Ryan walked and fed dogs at the shelter.

“I do all this because I love giving back to my community and they are also just things that I enjoy so it is a win-win,” Ryan said.

In the past, some of Ryan’s favorite classes have been Freshman Honors Biology with Mr. Albright and Advanced Placement Physics 1 with Mr. McIntyre. Ryan says that despite how challenging these classes were, the teachers always made the classes chill and interesting. These teachers, along with Mrs. Williams, all left a positive impact on Ryan. Ryan said, “They were very genuinely good people who are excellent at their jobs and make every day a good one. They truly love what they teach and instill a love for the subject in all of their students.”

Ryan would like to give thanks to a few different people. He said, “Just my older role models in general. My parents for teaching me how to be a respectful young adult, my coaches for helping me improve myself everyday outside of academics, and my teachers for helping me improve myself academically every day.”

In his free time, Ryan likes to play video games with his friends or go for walks where he can collect his thoughts and destress himself. Ryan spends time working at TJ Maxx in the Woburn Mall. He has been in this position for the past 6 months. Ryan said that if there were one thing he would always remember about high school it would be, “The people I met. So many new and friendly faces and people I will continue to be in touch with for hopefully the next decade.”

For his future plans, Ryan is interested in the field of biology and he hopes to study Animal Behavior at the University of Connecticut, the University of Rhode Island, or Franklin & Marshall College.

Ryan resides on Barrows Road with his parents, Bill and Tricia, along with his brother, Ben (15) and his sister, Allison (18).

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