Solar panels on DPW building


WAKEFIELD - The Wakefield Department of Public Works (DPW), in conjunction with Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department (WMGLD), and BlueSel Home Solar, recently installed 60 solar panels on the DPW Water Department building at 108 Broadway. Funding for the project was obtained through a grant obtained by the Town and supported by the WMGLD. WMGLD General Manager Pete Dion and the Board of Light Commissioners were instrumental in supporting this project and managing the work from inception to completion.

According to WMGLD Engineering and Operations Manager David Polson, each panel can produce 395 watts DC (direct current), for a rated system output of 23,700 watts DC. The DC output is then converted to 20,940 watts AC (alternating current) at 120/240v, the normal residential voltage.

The Water Department building was selected based on several factors, including its status as a Town-owned building, the position of the roof for maximum solar exposure, the condition of roof needed to support the installation, i.e.: its structure and shingles, and its unobstructed roof area to accommodate a large solar panel installation.

The Water Department building will consume most of the electricity generated at the location with excess sold back to WMGLD for distribution at a local level. Since its installation in mid-May, the Town has significantly reduced the cost of electricity at this facility and provided additional electricity to the area.

Customers can see the system’s real-time production on the WMGLD website,

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