Abigail Carnes

Abigail Carnes - RMHS Class of 2020; will attend Bentley

To the Reading Memorial High School community, Abigail Carnes is one of the most compassionate and most contributive students of RMHS. Staff and students would often describe Abigail as kind and welcoming, as well as always bringing a positive outlook to class. The last of her family to walk the RMHS halls, Abigail leaves behind memories and good times. Throughout her time at the

high school she has academically challenged herself and excelled in doing so.

Last year Abigail was published in the Young Writers “Stranger Sagas” Contest, an organization that supports and encourages student writers and rewards them for their work. Students submit writing pieces to the organization and the winners are published on their site. Abigail’s passion for writing shined through in this competition and she was well deserving of recognition.

In terms of academics, Abigail has challenged herself and taken rigorous classes at the high school. She has had some interesting classes and pushed herself, while reallying enjoying the subjects and teachers. Some of her most interesting classes which she took freshman through junior year were Honors Biology, Chemistry, British Literature and Trigonometry. Abigail was fascinated by these classes and enjoyed their rigor. This year she is taking Honors Diverse Voices Story Writing, Honors Principles of Engineering, Advanced Placement Computer Science, Advanced Placement Calculus AB, and Advanced Placement Physics.

These interesting and fun classes introduced Abigail to some of the amazing teachers of RMHS. Abigail took Acting 1 freshman year, and the teacher, Mrs. Cunha, helped her transition from middle school to high school and helped break her out of her shell. Mr. Radvany, who taught her painting class, was such an influence on Abigail’s passion for painting and she uses his techniques when she paints today. Also, Mrs. Lynch-Disorbo, who taught Abigails British Literature class, pushed her to do her best and find that inner writer. Abigail shares that she never connected to a teacher more personally then she did with Mrs. Richardson, who is such a strong and powerful teacher and who pushes her students.

Abigail comments, “She has such a kind heart and goes above and beyond for her students. I am sad our second-semester class got cut off short as I will miss her.”

Abigail will miss the many people who helped make so many memories at the high school. All of the people she met, and her close friends whom she shared so many moments with, are the people she is sad to leave. Her most exciting moments during her high school years were with her friends and classmates. Sophomore year, she was on the Girls Varsity Cheer Team and she shares that cheering at football games was such a cool experience as many can feel the school spirit and the excitement from both teams. Also, Abigail played softball sophomore year which she shares was such a fun and memorable time. Her Junior Prom was definitely a memory that Abigail will cherish forever as she loved dancing with her best friends.

What she will remember most about high school are her friends and classmates and some special times. Times like eating her lunch with her good friends on the stairs, and her sophomore year, being with her best friends in her math class.

When Abigail is not studying or hanging out with friends, she can be found doing multiple things. She loves to play board games with her family, take her dog, Coco to the field to play fetch, and read. Currently her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin, and she is doing her best to understand the text. She also loves drawing and painting. Some of her favorite foods include pizza, and strawberry cake with vanilla frosting. She also loves watching Netflix, her favorite movie Deadpool, and her favorite show Rick and Morty.

Abigail shares that her high school experience has truly shaped her into the young woman she is today. Abigail has had so many amazing memories and experiences that she will remember forever. She feels that her friends, teachers and classes have shaped her and helped her become who she is. Abigail shares that she will take the skills she mastered in high school to new heights in the future. Also, she shares a quote by Winston Churchill to sum up her emotions: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Well on her way to success, Abigail is excited to be attending Bentley University in the Fall and hopes to major in Computer Information Systems (programming).

Abigail would like to thank the teachers who make RMHS a great place to be and who encourage and motivate their students.

“Thank you to everyone in the class of 2020 who made me laugh in class and smiled as we passed each other in the hallway. To my closest friends, thank you so much for all the support you have given me over the years. It is going to be so weird not seeing you every day,” she shares.

She is also forever grateful to her family for their love and support. They have taught her to reach beyond her goals, and encourage those around her to do the same.

“To my amazing family, I would not be here without all of your love and support. I will always be incredibly grateful for each of my amazing siblings for each teaching me something different. Finally, I am most thankful for my mother who is the strongest person I know and my biggest influence; I wouldn’t be where I am without her.”

Abigail resides at 29 King Street with her mother Roberta Carnes and siblings, Billy (26), Jake (24), Tommy (22), and Jackie (20).

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