Shilei (Lisa) Li

Shilei (Lisa) Li - Top 2% Senior Class, President Environmental Club & Model UN; VP Science Team, Student Council Officer

For the past four years, Lisa Li has immersed and devoted her time to her academics as well as maintaining a friendly face to all. She is a kind and inclusive classmate and person in the Reading community, whose passions include biology, reading, playing the piano and spending quality time with her loved ones. She’s maintained spectacular grades which have given her opportunities that are well deserved and earned.

Next year, Lisa plans to attend a prestigious and famed college in North Hampton, MA – Smith College. This private college was one of Lisa’s top college choices and she looks forward to pursuing her dream career path at the distinguished college.

Lisa plans to major in Biology with a field of interest in Scientific Research. The acceptance of such an impressive college reflects just how dedicated she’s been to her studies through her time at RMHS and beyond.

Her intensive workload has not been a problem as she’s consistently working hard to persevere through her classes and extracurriculars. Throughout her time at RMHS, Lisa has taken extensive Advance Placement and Honors classes, all getting her ready for the next few years at college.

This year she was enrolled in Honors Poetry, Honors Diverse Voices, AP Statistics, AP French, AP US Government and Politics, AP French, AP Computer Science A, and AP Physics C. In the past she’s taken other rigorous and endearing honors and AP classes as well to better her knowledge in a variety of subjects.

Her most exciting moments from the highschool are rooted around completing different class and club projects with her friends and classmates.

When reflecting on her time spent at the high school, Lisa finds herself reminiscing in the memories spent with her close friends, as well as her teachers who were dedicated to seeing her succeed.

“I will remember all of my teachers and my guidance counselor for the four years in high school. Not only did they help me in academics, they are also someone who I could always trust to share my thoughts with. Even in times of stress, they encouraged me to try my best, but never pressured me to make achievements,” Lisa shares.

To commemorate her hard work and brilliance, Lisa was included in the Top 2% of her grade by GPA. This is a huge accomplishment as it goes to show her dedication to her grades over the years and ability to learn anything she puts her mind to.

Lisa is also a RMHS Century Club member, which recognizes students in the top percentage of each grade; 40% freshman year; 30% sophomore year; 20% junior year; 10% senior year. Lisa has also won the National French Contest gold medal (2018) and bronze medal (2019), again showing her dedication to her classes and how persistent she is to make sure she’s understanding her class work.

Her club accomplishments range drastically as Lisa has spread herself in many different clubs through her time at RMHS. The clubs she’s a part of are the Environmental Club, Model UN, as well as Science Team. For each of these clubs Lisa and her teammates have won such great awards which go to show the great leadership abilities Lisa has.

For these clubs, she’s President of the Environmental Club where she’s won different awards as well. These awards are Fourth Place in Massachusetts Envirothon (2018), as well as leading many research projects and projects that help improve the environment at RMHS, such as taking care of the traffic island that the club adopted. Lisa is also President of the RMHS Model UN Club. The awards she’s won for this club are Best Delegate at MIT Model UN conference (2020), and Verbal Commendation at Boston University Model UN conference (2018). She's also Vice President of the Science Team, an Officer of RMHS Student Council, and Section Leader of Front Ensemble at RMHS Marching Band. These titles are club elected, which goes to show how much her classmates respect and appreciate her and her countless hours of hard work.

Lisa also loves giving back beyond the walls of our community and could be seen spending her time in the different areas of the Museum of Science, in Boston. She was a volunteer at the Museum of Science, Boston for two years and helped with numerous activities and projects.

“I presented hands-on activities to visitors and helped them connect science to their daily lives. What motivated me to become a volunteer at the museum was that I want to make use of my knowledge and passion in science to educate a diversity of people. I also loved to work with other volunteers across different ages because that really helped my skills in communication and cooperation,” Lisa shares.

She also works as the Summer Youth Intern at the Museum of Science in Boston. She worked as a teaching assistant for kids who took classes at the museum in summer and helped them learn as well as created a safe and fun learning environment for all.

When she’s not bettering her studies, volunteering, working, or spending quality time with her friends and family, Lisa enjoys playing the piano and reading in her backyard. She also could be sailing in Boston as she did it for two summers from the grade of eight to ninth grade.

Next fall, Lisa plans to major in Biology, which she thanks her teacher, Ms. Moore, for influencing her to pursue. Lisa feels so drawn toward the subject as Ms. Moore had impacted her on such an academic and personal level as not only her Biology teacher but person as well.

“Ms. Moore’s Honors Biology and AP Biology class make me interested in this subject and made me want to pursue it as my major in college. I especially love the labs in both classes, which inspired me to consider scientific research for my future career,” Lisa shares.

Lisa also shares that Ms. Najmi’s Honors Physics class was one of her favorites because she felt she had the “best experience I could ever have for learning physics,” Lisa shares.

When thinking of people who impacted her high school experience personally, Lisa shouts out her close friend and fellow RMHS senior, Autumn Hendrickson. By Autumn proofreading her articles, she helped improve Lisa’s ability as an English learner to read and write more coherently.

“I would like to thank my friend Autumn Hendrickson for helping me so much with my writing style and language through my four years in high school. As an English learner, I encountered many obstacles in expressing myself through writing, but Autumn was always willing to help me with my essays and gave me constructive feedback. Sometimes she would also let me read her essays, and the way that we exchanged our ideas really helped me make a lot of improvements in my language skills. I don’t think I would sound so fluent in English today without such a helpful friend.”

Lisa would also like to thank her family for their constant support and encouragement to be the best student, and more importantly, person, she could be. And to her friends, Lisa recognizes them for always supporting her when she encountered difficulties and the willingness to listen to her.

Lisa resides at 31 Countryside Lane, with her mom Sally Nie and stepfather Joseph.

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