Yale, Foxcroft

The Select Board approved stop signs for the intersection of Yale Street and Foxcroft Road.

WINCHESTER - In what might be one of the easiest approvals the Select Board make all year, the board authorized the installation of four four-way stop signs, two at the intersection of Foxcroft Road and Yale Street and the other two at the intersection of Warren Street and Cabot Street, plus two additional stop signs on Yale Street at Calumet Road and Salisbury Street at Calumet Road.

Town Engineer Beth Rudolph announced she received two letters regarding adding the four-way stop signs. She also acknowledged the town looked at the intersection of Warren and Cabot streets several years ago. She noted there was a pedestrian-vehicle crash at the intersection of Yale Street and Foxcroft Road back in mid-August.

One reason for the quick approval: Rudolph pointed out how many other intersections in the neighborhood already have four-way stop signs. Both Town Manager Lisa Wong and the Traffic Review Committee recommended the board approve the installation of the stop signs.

Residents of the area spoke in favor of the four-way signs with Yale Street resident Chris Costello paling them “critical” and added how his intersection with Foxcroft Road is “dangerous.”

Chris Jones, of Cabot Street, echoed those comments and said he would appreciate the extra stop signs. David Galvin, who wrote one of the letters, called speeding an issue in the area, believing cars travel upwards of 40 MPH through the residential neighborhoods. He gathered 38 signatures from concerned neighbors.

“I’ve witnessed countless near accidents,” he noted.

Another resident, Deborah Gray, said she was hit at the intersection of Warren and Cabot streets when the other vehicle didn’t stop, most likely thinking the intersection was a four-way stop.

“These two additional signs will make a huge difference,” she opined.

Wayne Paskerian, who also wrote one of the letters, asked the Town Engineer when the signs could be installed. Rudolph deferred to the DPW but suggested it could get done in a week or two.

Ted Martin, a 30-year resident of the neighborhood, said he witnessed two accidents in the area, and pointed out the number of small children who ride bikes around the neighborhood.

The Select Board only had a few comments including from Amy Shapiro, a resident of the neighborhood, who concurred with everyone else who spoke and said she was “very much in support.”

Select Board member Mariano Goluboff was also “100 percent in favor.” He even said he almost got hit there on Monday while crossing the street in the crosswalk. He then proposed holding another public hearing sometime in the future to consider adding a stop sign on Yale Street at Calumet Road.

Instead of that, Rudolph informed the board they could simply add that stop sign, plus one on Salisbury Street at Calumet Road that she suggested, in to the motion for the four-way stop signs.

Therefore, Select Board member Susan Verdicchio made the motion to include all six stop signs, which the board swiftly OK’d.

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