WINCHESTER - The town is nearing completion of year 3 (of a five year permit cycle) of its MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) obligations. Year 3 ends on June 30.

According to Journee Schwartz of engineering firm Weston & Sampson, the town accomplished a lot during the past year including updating its stormwater management plan that outlines permit requirements. The plan includes six main elements:

Public outreach - The town notified the public of any changes through its website, mailings, press releases, winter maintenance and de-icing, fertilizer use, leaf litter, grass clippings, and pet waste management.

Public participation - The town allowed the public to participate through its Hazardous Waste Collection Day, self-guided cleanups, the Mystic River Steering Committee, and annual reports.

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination - The town completed catchment investigations (25 per year), wet weather outfall screenings and samplings and annual IDDE training.

Construction site runoff control - The town updated its rules and regulations and continued tracking runoff.

Post-construction stormwater management - The town updates it rules and regulations to: require implementation of LID design strategies and require consistency with the MA stormwater handbook.

Pollution prevention/good housekeeping - The town maintains its lands through catch basin cleaning, street and parking lot sweeping, inspection and maintenance of BMPs, stormwater pollution prevention plan, and quarterly inspection and training at the DPW and Transfer Station.

Looking ahead to year 4, Schwartz sees continued wet weather outfall screenings and samplings, continued catchment investigations, developing phosphorous source ID report, developing IC evaluation report and GI report, plus BMP retrofit inventory, continued gathering of data for catch basin cleaning optimization, continued inspection and maintenance of BMPs, and continued IDDE training and stormwater pollution prevention plan training and inspections.

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