Lena Deminico, Red Sox Blanket

Lena Deminico, surrounded by friends from the Mt. Vernon House in Winchester, sits with her newly knitted Boston Red Sox blanket, a gift from her friend Pauline Call.

WINCHESTER - Pauline Call, a resident at Mt. Vernon House Assisted Living in Winchester, made a lovely handmade blanket for another resident and friend, Lena Deminico, who is 98 years old (next to the oldest resident at MVH).

Deminico’s parents came to Massachusetts from Italy and she has a few nieces and nephews who visit her at the MVH which makes her family to everyone at Mt. Vernon. Call added that Deminico is the Red Sox’s biggest fan as she talks about the games all spring and summer long with David, the handyman at Mt. Vernon. She never misses a game.

It all started when Call crocheted Deminico a hat because she felt a draft while watching/ listening to the television. She inadvertently used red and white yarn which are Red Sox colors and as soon as she saw the hat she hollered “Red Sox!”

Call mentioned that they were all excited for her because the thing she enjoys most is the Red Sox. Call then had the idea to crochet a throw blanket since Deminico is chilly listening to the tv. Deminico was so happy to receive the blanket. She wishes to be buried with the hat and blanket and take them to heaven with her.

Call has known Deminico since she came to the MVH in June of 2017. She was warmly welcomed by Deminico taking her for a walk to show her the library, Sandy’s Island and the senior center. Call expressed that Deminico is a sweet lady.

As a thank you for the hat and blanket she had her niece buy Call a Lindt chocolate candy which was a very kind gesture.

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