WINCHESTER - Don’t look now, but COVID numbers keep falling in Winchester. Last week, Winchester recorded only 31 total cases, down from 50 the week prior. Whatever surge happened early last month seems to be fading.

Winchester’s percentage of positive residents actually stayed about the same at 5.82 percent, which happens to be one of the lowest in the area. For comparison, Woburn remains above seven percent and Burlington and Lexington above eight percent. Overall, the state’s positive percentage sits at 6.62 percent.

Last month, Winchester saw 480 cases, up sharply from April. However, residents can expect a sharp decrease this month. Why? There could be a number of factors including the continued administration of vaccines and boosters, the warmer weather allowing for more outdoor activities and perhaps the overall waning of the virus.

As of this weekend, Winchester delivered booster shots to 61 percent of eligible residents including 16 percent of those aged 5-11 and nearly 80 percent of those over the age of 50. These numbers should continue to increase as should the overall number of those vaccinated thanks to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention allowing children from as young as six months to receive a vaccination shot.

As a state, Massachusetts remains one of the most vigilant when it comes to vaccinating its residents. Currently, the state vaccinated 80 percent of all residents, which is much higher than the country as a whole (67.4 percent). Only three states inoculated a greater percentage of its population: Rhode Island (83.7 percent), Vermont (81.8 percent) and Maine (80.5 percent). 17 states vaccinated less than 60 percent of residents.

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