Parkview Shooting

The Parkview Apartments at 200 Swanton St. in Winchester was the scene as a police officer shot and killed a man on the third floor.

WINCHESTER - Three Winchester police officers were placed on paid administrative leave following an officer-involved shooting at the Parkview Apartments at 200 Swanton St. last night around 8 p.m. that left one man dead.

According to reports, the officers arrived at the building when called by a security guard in regards to a 35-year old male who resided in one of the units. That man reportedly had an issue within his unit, which police described as a “disturbance,” though what that disturbance was remains under investigation.

When police arrived, they reportedly heard noise coming from inside the apartment. The officers then gained entry into the unit and reportedly observed the male party brandishing two knives. Police allegedly told the man to drop the knives and when he refused, they twice used a Taser in an attempt to subdue the man.

When that tactic reportedly failed, and the male party reportedly continued to approach the officers still in possession of the knives, one of the officers then fired his weapon striking the man. Police attempted to render first aid, and EMTs rushed him to the hospital where he lated died.

The three officers involved in the incident were also transported to the hospital as a precaution, though according to Winchester Police Chief Peter MacDonnell, none of the officers sustained any physical injuries.

The officer who fired the shot had never reportedly fired his or her weapon in the line of duty before.

This is an ongoing and open investigation being conducted by the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, Massachusetts State Police assigned to that office and the Winchester Police Department.

All three officers will remain on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.

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