WINCHESTER - To help Eversource as it works to install the 345kV electrical line in the area of Washington and Cross streets and keep traffic moving, the Select Board agreed to allow Eversource to use Washington Street Park to store some of its equipment and remove it from the roadway.

Interim Town Manager Beth Rudolph said the electric company asked to use the park for the duration of the project (most likely to finish in the spring of next year). The agreement doesn’t allow for any additional work or street openings, it should be noted.

Michael Hager, Eversoucre Project Manager, sad his company wanted to utilize the field for two reasons: to park their equipment at the end of the day and store materials and to assist in tunneling underneath the nearby river. With this agreement, the company can now shift the work zone further off the roadway and keep both lanes open to traffic.

Hager said Eversource hopes to finish in the Washington and Cross Street area by the end of the construction season (next month), but acknowledged they would most likely need to return in the spring. Once complete, he said they would return and restore the property to its original design.

Select Board Chair Susan Verdicchio said it sounds better for Eversource to store its equipment off the roadway. She also appreciated the company’s willingness to do some mitigation work, like tree planting, before they leave.

Select Board member Mariano Goluboff called the proposal a net positive for the town. Therefore, the board unanimously agreed to approve the agreement, drafted by Town Counsel Anderson & Kreiger, with Eversource.

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