WINCHESTER - Town Manager Lisa Wong updated the Select Board on a number of topics. They include:

• Cultural district - She said the town met with the Mass. Cultural Council to tour the proposed cultural district on June 12. The MCC will review the project at their August meeting to vote acceptance.

• Fire chief search - Wong said she is working on a job description, budget and timeline for the fire chief search, calling it a five month process. The chief is schedule to retire at the end of the year.

• Work plan 2020 - Wong said she’s finalizing a work plan for 2020 with various departments and plans to see if the Select Board has time for a working meeting over the summer to review and strategize.

• Housing - The Department of Housing and Community Development approved two affordable housing units at Winning Farm. The town is working on an agreement with the developer to assist in building an affordable housing unit off-site.

Translation project at COA - Wong said the Council on Aging is working with a John Hopkins student volunteer to help translate Jenks Center program highlights into Chinese. Attendance of non-English speaking residents at the Jenks Center has increased.

• Traffic - Wong said she’s working on expanding the scope of study around 735 Main St.

• Public works - Wong said the water leak program is underway. The leak detection survey program is mandated by the MWRA to perform this survey due to the fact that Winchester is a partial user of MWRA water. The project is rebid every two years. The different companies that come on site and perform this survey use digital and acoustic listening devices and equipment. The cost of the contract is $82.50 per mile times the 112 miles of water mains, which comes to $9,240. The Water Department adds an extra $2,000 to the purchase order in the event the company performing the survey has to do some enhanced listening procedures, which is called leak correlation. The companies performing this leak survey also listen to more than 900 fire hydrants in town. She said the approximate time frame to compete the survey is one month.

• Climate Action - Wong said she’s working with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council to get a baseline done on Greenhouse Gas emissions in Winchester.

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