WINCHESTER - During the final night of Town Meeting, members passed Article 41 from the Personnel Board pertaining to wages and salaries, working conditions, new or revised rates of wages and salaries, changes, additions, adjustments or revisions of wages and salaries and in classifications and definitions, and in amending, revising, and adding to the Personnel Police Guide.

Town Meeting passed five separate motions. The Finance Committee and Select Board all recommended favorable action for each motion.

Motion 1: Town Meeting amended the town’s compensation plan by deleting the position of Recycling General Foreman and adding in the positions of Transportation Coordinator COA, Parking Ticket Administrator/Hearings Officer, Building Maintenance Specialist, Water System Distribution Treatment General Foreman, and Transfer Station Coordinator. The motion also adds in a miscellaneous position called Council on Aging Vehicle Driver with a starting salary of $16/hour that increases to $18.36/hour.

Motion 2: Town Meeting approved the transfer of $23,000 from the FY20 Treasurer Other Expenses Account to the FY20 Treasurer’s Personal Services Account to fund the parking ticket administrator/hearings officer position.

Motion 3: Town Meeting approved cost-of-living wage adjustments for the municipal non-union employees of the town for Schedules 2 (CS-Clerical), 3 (Professional Technical), 4 (Management), 5 (Miscellaneous), and 6 (Recreation).

Motion 4: Town Meeting appropriated $128,200 to the following FY20 Municipal Personal Services Budgets to fund a 1.5 percent cost-of-living wage increase for municipal non-union employees effective July 1; $106,707 will be raised on the tax levy, $3,968 will be transferred from the Water & Sewer Retained Earnings and $17, 525 will be transferred from the Recreation Retained Earnings.

• Town Manager’s Department - $9,387

• Comptroller’s Office - $3,450

• Assessing Department - $1,592

• Treasurer/Collector’s Department - $3,975

• Engineering Department - $5,727

• Building and Zoning Department - $3,684

• Conservation Department - $837

• Planning Board - $1,575

• Human Resources Department - $2,950

• Information Technology - $8,130

• Town Clerk’s Department - $3,225

• Police Department - $14,855

• Fire Department - $2,325

• Sealer of Weights and Measurers - $120

• Department of Public Works - $16,820

• Board of Health - $3,029

• Council on Aging - $3,347

• Veteran’s - $146

• Library - $21,533

• Water and Sewer Enterprise - $3,968

• Recreation Enterprise - $17,525

Motion 5: Town Meeting appropriated $293,393 to provide for the revisions and adjustments in FY20 salaries and wages and other benefits for municipal employees to be held in the FY20 Unallocated Wage Account to be allocated in subsequent Town Meeting vote(s); of which $293,293 will be raised on the tax levy and $100 will be transferred from the FY19 Unallocated Wage Account.

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