WINCHESTER - Town Meeting wrapped up last Monday by passing the remaining articles.

Article 20

Town Meeting approved $7,582 from the Transportation Network Receipts Reserve Fund to pay for traffic improvements in the vicinity of the McCall Middle School. The money comes from ride-sharing apps Uber and Lyft.

Article 21

Town Meeting authorized the Select Board to convey to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority permanent and temporary easements to make improvements to its Winchester Center train station.

Select Board member Amy Shapiro, speaking on behalf of the article, said the town has been working with the MBTA since 2010. Work needs to be done at the station because it doesn’t meet ADA standards. Plans include reconstruction of ramps, plus elevators, a high-level platform and the extension of the northern ramp.

The Select Board, Finance Committee and Planning Board all recommended favorable action.

Article 22

Town Meeting authorized the Select Board to acquire by purchase, donation, eminent domain or otherwise a parcel of land adjacent to the Waterfield Lot. According to Shapiro, the parcel is currently owned by Pan Am.

The Select Board, Finance Committee and Planning Board all recommended favorable action.

Article 23

Town Meeting approved $50,000 for the purchase of safety railings for the Winchester High School roof. Safety railings are already on the roof of the DPW building and will be on the roof of the Vinson-Owen School soon.

Article 24

Town Meeting approved a Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) agreement, as approved by the Select Board, with Solect, the operator of solar photovoltaic energy-generating facilities (solar panels) for the high school. This is similar to an agreement for the Vinson-Owen School that Town Meeting approved last fall.

According to Energy Conservation Coordinator Susan McPhee, the town will save $299,412 on the high school and $500,000 total between the DPW, high school and Vinson-Owen School.

Article 25

Town Meeting approved the transfer of $60,000 from Free Cash to supplement the Eversource account to allow the town to continue its legal battle with the electrical company over a proposed 345-kV line. A hearing on the matter is scheduled for June.

The town should know of the decision 120 days following the hearing. The intent of the appeal focuses on minimizing infrastructure impacts, environmental justice, flood mitigation (Muraco School culvert), and a traffic light on Cross Street.

The Finance Committee recommended favorable action. Chair Aaron Kutylo said the town has already spent more than $700,000 on legal fees.

Article 26

Town Meeting approved the use of $45,000 to help finalize the 2020 Master Plan. Its on schedule to be completed in February of 2020. Town Meeting, before passing this article, had already appropriated $75,000.

Article 30

Town Meeting approved an appropriation of $30,000 to the Building Stabilization Fund.

Article 31

Town Meeting approved $1,750,000 for the Phase II Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project (Part B) for the removal of inflow and infiltration sources from the sanitary sewer system and to repair structural defects identified as of the Phase II Sanitary Sewer Evaluation (SSES) Project.

The Finance Committee and Select Board recommended favorable action.

Article 32

Town Meeting approved $600,000 for the community lead service water line replacement program to reduce the potential for elevated lead levels at customer taps and to maintain high water quality conditions, including the replacement of lead neck connections, and the replacement or rehabilitation of public and privately-owned water service lines containing lead, including all design, engineering and other costs.

The Finance Committee recommended favorable action.

Article 33

Town Meeting approved $180,000 for design and engineering for the repair and/or replacement of the Lake Street Bridge; $100,000 from the Capital Stabilization Fund and $80,000 from Free Cash.

The Finance Committee and the Select Board recommended favorable action.

Article 34

Town Meeting voted to rescind $100,000 previously authorized last spring for the purpose of funding the second phase of the community lead service pipeline program.

Article 35

Town Meeting approved a maximum amount that may be spent during the fiscal year for the revolving funds: Archival Center, energy use, Board of Health clinics, grass fields, synthetic fields, and the Historical Commission.

Article 38

Town Meeting approved an increase to the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) base from $12,000 to $14,000. The Retirement Board, who sponsored the article, said the amount hadn’t changed in 22 years.

While the Select Board recommended favorable action (chair Mariano Goluboff said employees “give their working life to town”), the Finance Committee voted 8-2 to recommend unfavorable action. Chair Kutylo said pension liability and OPEB should be fully-funded first.

Goluboff also called it a “small but necessary increase.”

Article 39

Town Meeting authorized the Town Treasurer, acting as the trustee of the Other Post-Employment Benefits Trust Fund, to invest OPEB Trust Funds under the Massachusetts Prudent Investor Rule.

The Finance Committee recommended favorable action.

Article 40

Town Meeting approved $350,000 for OPEB. Kutylo called it a “standard appropriation.”

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