WINCHESTER - In January, Eversource’s supply rate for residential and small business customers will top $.15 per kWh while the WinPower Standard supply rate remains at just over $.11 per kWh and the WinPower 100 rate remains at $.139 per kWh.

The Town of Winchester chose to pool its residential and small business electricity buying power to form a Community Aggregated Electricity program in July of 2017. It is one of more than 150 communities in Massachusetts with such a program. WinPower is offered by the Town of Winchester to provide residents and businesses with town-vetted options for electricity supply. WinPower does not replace Eversource, the electric utility in Winchester, which continues to deliver electricity, repair and maintain distribution infrastructure and provide billing, so customers continue to receive one bill. The WinPower program manager is Good Energy. Its supplier is Dynegy.

What are the benefits of WinPower? Stable rates for 30 months and more clean, renewably-sourced electricity from New England.

How does WinPower offer Stable Rates and More Renewable Electricity?

Winchester, with its program manager, Good Energy, goes out to bid for its electricity rates when supply rates are competitive, unlike the utilities which must go out to bid times certain, regardless of supply rates. Rates are locked in for 30 months, giving WinPower participants more long-term certainty about their electricity budget.

When going out to bid, Winchester also chooses to add 10 percent more renewably-produced electricity from New England wind, solar and hydro-electric production than the utilities are required to include under state law. By choosing to do so, Winchester has supported the production of 24,009,106 additional kWhs of renewable electricity over the course of our community aggregation program.

100 percent clean, renewable electricity: WinPower also provides the option for residents and small business to purchase 100 percent of their electricity use from these clean energy sources, also at a rate that remains stable for 30 months. Eversource customers can choose this option at

All Eversource new residential and small business accounts in Winchester are automatically enrolled after receiving a letter detailing the program, including the opportunity to opt out. All Eversource accounts that have been active since the program began in 2017 have been automatically enrolled in the program unless the customer actively chose to opt out. Winchester residents who have chosen electricity suppliers other than Eversource or WinPower, either for 100 percent “green” energy or other reasons, are not included in the WinPower program and do not receive the opt out letter. Those accounts must take initiative to switch to WinPower’s program.

For more information, including current rates on all WinPower options, Eversource’s current rate and more, and the opportunity to participate or change options, go to, also accessed through the Town of Winchester’s website under Community Electricity.

Public Notification of Electricity Disclosure Labels: The WinPower program manager, Good Energy, is required per the town’s aggregation agreement to post an Electricity Disclosure Label to the website, detailing the energy mix for all program options. The label can be found in the resources section on the program website,

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