WINCHESTER - Town Treasurer Sheila Tracy requested the Select Board approve a loan to the town from the MWRA Local Water System Assistance Program/Lead Service Line Replacement Program (Phase 3). She said the loan would be used to continue Winchester’s program to remove goosenecks.

It’s an interest free loan in the amount of $600,000 and the town will repay it in 10 installments of $60,000 each, over a 10 year period beginning May 15, 2021.

The motion, read by Select Board member Susan Verdicchio said, “voted: that the sale of the $600,000 Water Bond of the town dated June 1, 2020 to Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (the ‘Authority’) is hereby approved and the Town Treasurer or other appropriate town official is authorized to execute on behalf of the town a Loan Agreement and a Financial Assistance Agreement with the Authority with respect to the bond. The bond shall be payable without interest on May 15 of the years and in the principal amounts: $60,000 each year from 2021 through 2030.

“Further voted: that each member of the Select Board, the Town Clerk and the Town Treasurer be and hereby are, authorized to take any and all such actions, and execute and deliver such certificates, receipts or other documents as may be determined by them, or any of them, to be necessary or convenient to carry into effect the provisions of the foregoing vote.”

Farmers Market

The Select Board also approved the return of the Farmers Market for Saturday, June 13 to Saturday, Oct. 31 from 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. However, this year’s market will emanate from the Jenks Center parking lot (or more precisely in the parking lot but to the left as you enter, away from the Jenks) as opposed to the town common.

Fred Yen, the manager of the market, originally wanted to utilize the entire space, but the Jenks Center said they might need those parking spaces closest to the building, so Yen asked the board for permission to use the area from the center of the lot to the left.

Having the market in the Jenks/town parking lot will make it easier for social distancing, which will remain in effect. Residents who don’t feel comfortable in such a gathering may order online from the market, according to Yen.

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