Heat Smart

Joe Wood, owner of New England Ductless air source heat pumps, shows off advantages of using the Heat Smart program. Winchester and Arlington have teamed up to help residents save money on their heating and cooling systems.

WINCHESTER - The Winchester-Arlington Heat Smart program is under way! Are you considering replacing an old heating system? Are you tired of lugging window air-conditioners out of your basement for summer? Does your home use oil or baseboard electric heat?

Take advantage of the Heat Smart program discounts, Mass Save incentives and Federal Tax credits to update and improve your home heating and cooling system during this time-limited campaign supported by town volunteers. Now is a great time to transition to cleaner heating and cooling! www.heatsmartaw.org

With warmer weather rapidly approaching, many people are installing ductless mini-splits to provide comfortable, conditioned air for their homes. But did you know that ductless mini-splits (also known as air-source heat pumps) provide heating even when it is 0°F outside? You can drastically reduce your use of fossil fuels while making your home more comfortable! For more information, check out our Mitsubishi Diamond Elite installer New England Ductless at www.newenglandductless.com.

Ground source heat pumps, “geothermal,” also provide year-round comfort with heat pumps, drawing heat from the earth or returning heat to the earth to bring consistent comfort to your home. Residential installations use a ducted system to distribute warm or cool air throughout your home. With Mass Clean Energy center rebates and a 30 percent Federal Tax credit, this becomes a wise long-term heating and cooling solution. Learn more from our installer, Energy Smart Alternatives’ website: www.energysmartalternatives.com.

A solar hot water system can provide up to 90 percent of your home’s hot water needs. Payback is rapid with the great Mass CEC incentives and a 30 percent Federal Tax credit. Learn more about how you could heat your domestic hot water with the sun. Check out our installer, New England Solar Hot Water at www.neshw.com.

Modern wood heat gives you the opportunity to heat your home without fossil fuels. A modern wood boiler or furnace is no different than a typical boiler or furnace, except that it heats with sustainably sourced wood pellets instead of fossil fuels. Learn more about this sustainable alternative at our installer, Caluwe’s website http://www.woodchipboilersr.us.

To sign up for a free site visit by any of these installers, go to www.heatsmartaw.org. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Heat Smart coach for Winchester at HeatSmartWinchesterCoach@gmail.com. Don’t wait! The Heat Smart program runs through the end of September 2019 to schedule a site visit.

Visit them at Winchester’s Town Day, Saturday, June 1, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Installers and volunteers will be there to answer your questions.

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