Reverend Nick Myers

The Church of the Epiphany welcomes new minister, Reverend Nick Myers

WINCHESTER - The Parish of the Epiphany warmly accepted new Rector Reverend Nicholas Myers whose first Sunday was on Jan. 17. Reverend Myers recently moved to the south side of Winchester with his family from Littleton, Colorado in South Denver. He and his family moved to Winchester to join the good people of the Epiphany in this next chapter of ministry and life together.

Reverend Myers entered ministry because of a transformative and life-changing experience of living in Honduras and working as an educator participating in the life of an Episcopal Church in the local community where he was working. He commented that the commitment to a loving, supportive, intimate, and faith-filled community helped him see the kind of community and world he wanted to create.

"It was here that I began to know God in a manner that challenged me to challenge the world in the way of Jesus' love,” he said.

He is most passionate about seeing people discover their passions and connect their faith with social action or service. He noted that he loves seeing people connect with neighbors and strangers alike over good food, laughter, and song.

“I’m passionate about connecting people in ways that create health and wholeness, as well as peace and justice for our larger community,” he noted.

In the role of a Rector, Reverend Myers believes that the most central role of a parish priest is to be someone who creates space for people to connect with God and one another in ways that deepen faith, hope and love. He further mentioned that we all know how hungry we are for purpose and meaning to make a difference in ourselves, our relationships, and this world. He said the Rector needs to be the CHO, Chief Hope Officer. He articulated how there is so much to celebrate, give thanks for, and engage in this life we’ve been given.

The challenges that are faced in the church are the challenges people also face in society today, Reverend Myers pointed out. There are so many people wondering the difference they can make, what their purpose is, if they are worthy and if they are loved. One of the challenges he sees is to remind people that faith calls us to give ourselves to others and it is there we find a deeper living.

“We make the biggest difference by being and doing together; we can find our purpose by giving ourselves to others; we discover our innate worth by valuing the life in us and lives around us; we love because we are first loved."

Reverend Myers added that what captured his heart and imagination at the Parish of the Epiphany was their hunger to live out their faith in meaningful and engaging ways. People voiced a desire to deepen their commitments to embodying God's love in this world by serving their neighbors and working for justice.

He added they want to be a community of faith that engages the real world, our lived-lives, and helps shape younger generations by this central call from God to co-create a better world. Through his preaching he hopes to inspire, challenge, and life-up all who listen.

He typically does this by telling the story of God’s love-life as we have it in the Scriptures. He says what helps is some humor, an exhilarating story, and not taking himself too seriously.

His first Sunday on Jan. 17 was a great joy, full of excitement and hope as they commemorated Martin Luther King, Jr. Their worship service was followed by a Zoom Virtual Coffee Hour where they shared stories and he answered some “get to know you” questions for their Transition Team. He left the sanctuary of the Parish of the Epiphany with a full heart.

The most precious gift that Reverend Myers brings to the Winchester community as Rector is himself and his story. He stated he is a firm believer that the shortest distance between any two people is a story. He looks forward to connecting with others who are interested in creating a loving, healing, creative, and caring community in town.

He concluded by stating, “I don’t have the answers, but I’m guessing that together is where we’ll find them.”

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