WINCHESTER - Town Manager of Winchester Lisa Wong has had a busy first year as manager and looks forward to the coming chapters in Winchester.

She recalled that her first year was “fast, fun, challenging and surprising.”

She explained that she moved her desk from a private office to the front of the office so she can see and talk to people as they enter.

She stated that “I enjoy working with the community and want to be an accessible and engaged Town Manager.”

As expected, Wong deals with challenges as Town Manager. She commented that Winchester has many dedicated volunteers and she is still learning how to navigate the several dozen committees and boards that work on important issues. She enjoys the challenge of working to implement ideas and projects even though funding is limited. She is thankful that the community has several people willing to help and support a long-term vision and plan.

The thing that Wong is most proud of is the fact that Winchester was awarded a Municipal Vulnerability Grant this year, making the town eligible to apply for a lot of funding next year to help with flooding and green infrastructure. She looks forward to next year when they will have a completed Master Plan and an updated Climate Action Plan which will put Winchester in a great place to tackle big projects with positive impacts.

In terms of accomplishments for the coming years, Wong stated that the amount of capital improvements is going to be very noticeable. She mentioned the town is launching several major traffic improvements and building upgrades, and there will be several public and private developments underway.

She said, “I hope to help the town contribute to our affordable housing, be an age-friendly community and support our families.”

Over the last year, Wong mentioned that Assistant Town Manager Mark Twogood has been incredibly valuable and she is lucky to be joining a team of staff who are dedicated to public service.

Wong mentioned the town is advertising currently for qualified developers interested in working with them on an exciting development of the town-owned lot on Waterfield Road by the train station. Additionally, Wong is also working closely with the Chamber of Commerce on how to better support and boost business and celebrate the historic town center.

She mentioned that "I came from a downtown redevelopment background and want to attract more of our residents and visitors to enjoy our beautiful town."

She stated that “Winchester has been a welcoming community to me and I look forward to meeting and working alongside its residents and businesses.”

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