WINCHESTER - In an effort to update the Select Board on the progress of the community swimming pool, Swim Winchester President Amanda Lewis told the board her organization completed $250k in fundraising last year to provide a more advanced conceptual design. She said they engaged aquatic consulting firm Isaac Sports Group with support from Water Technology Inc. in October.

Lewis outlined Phase I work as analyzing the design and programming for the community aquatic center through focus groups and meetings with potential partners. She mentioned the feasibility study which Swim Winchester completed in March, along with a review of the 2014 study, and updating needs, plus program and design options/recommendations.

Focus groups include young families, older adults, those with special needs, master swimmers, and Winchester High School families. Lewis added partnerships include the Jenks Center, Winchester Hospital, the Gables, the Recreation Department, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Swim Angelfish Adaptive Program.

The Swim Winchester president went over the design to feature a lane pool (25 yards and eight lanes), a leisure pool with warmer water and a therapy pool with even warmer water (she said this would require extra fundraising).

As the process continues, Lewis said they’ll need to develop a schedule matrix for all the potential programs. She noted how the point of the project involves creating a community center that will be wide-ranging and inclusive with volunteer opportunities.

With the feasibility study finished, Lewis said the next steps involve the beginning of a Phase II study this month with budget projects and membership projections and an RFP process to choose an architectural firm.

She suggested the pool could open in upwards of five years.

The Select Board thanked Lewis for her dedication to the project. She could possibly return in the fall with another update.

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