WINCHESTER - Independent candidate Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is running for United States Senate from Massachusetts to promote the American Dream. At seven years old he left India and moved to America. Dr. Ayyadurai grew up in New Jersey and came to Massachusetts after high school to attend MIT and has lived here ever since. He obtained four degrees from MIT including a Ph.D. He currently resides in Belmont.

This is Dr. Ayyadurai’s first time running for office. He stated that “the experience is amazing because our entire campaign is made up of volunteers and not professional political consultants, and these volunteers are among the smartest people in the world whether it comes to organizing, determining policy, messaging, or running a campaign even though it is the first time for them as well.”

Dr. Ayyadurai mentioned that unlike other candidates in this race, they have obtained over 25,000 signatures without hiring a professional firm to collect the signatures. He said that each signature was collected on the ground by their volunteers and is from a genuine supporter. They turned in 10,354 of those signatures and got on the ballot.

“We also do not have corporations, lobbyists, and so-called think-tanks who dictate policy to us,” he said. “Our policy positions are truly representative of what is good for the people.”

Dr. Ayyadurai is a huge proponent of the American Dream as he explains on his website. He said that to him the American Dream means "dismantling the Deep State establishment and creating a decentralized economic system. This results in concentrating power in the hands of a few people who move between Wall Street, Washington DC, and Harvard University."

He further claims that they end up working together behind the scenes and call it bipartisanship, but it is this bipartisanship that results in betraying the people of the country. Dr. Ayyadurai remarked that he wants to restore freedoms and destroy the concentration of power whether economic, academic, or political in the hands of a few people.

In his campaign, he speaks a lot about fighting for "The Truth." Dr. Ayyadurai elaborates on what that means specifically by stating that most of what is heard today is propaganda of the Military-Industrial-Academic Complex.

“We hear that Harvard University is a force for the good when In fact they cause most problems around the world,” he suggested. “The truth is that they are a hedge fund and the policies they write are self-serving.”

He goes on to state the grants they get “are to feed their greed.” Another example of military propaganda of the warmongers “is that ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) and Vint Cerf invented and developed the concept of connecting computers.”

Dr. Ayyadurai stated that if you hear ARPANET “and their shills in academia describe it, modems, cables, digital telephony and communication between computers at remote locations did not happen until Vint Cerf made it happen.”

Dr. Ayyadurai remarked that this is dishonesty and an insult to the great achievements of engineers at IBM, Xerox, Honeywell, and AT&T who achieved this in a civilian setting before Vint Cerf’s firm; BBN manipulated the system and got themselves a Department of Defense contract. He wants to expose the truth in each case whether it is Harvard, the lies of Monsanto, or the lies of Elizabeth Warren.

Dr. Ayyadurai has seven successful companies in Massachusetts. The first is Millennium Software Productions, which is a successful firm with innovative training programs. The second, General Interactive, helps entrepreneurs take their innovations and ideas to businesses with real customers. The third, Echomail, is a hugely successful firm that manages and uses the power of email using Artificial Intelligence. The fourth, Cytosolve, is a firm that will eliminate the need for testing drugs on animals. The fifth, Systems Health, has integrated Eastern and Western medicine. The sixth, International Center for Integrative Systems, is dedicated to research, education and outreach programs using systems thinking in the areas of innovation, communication, and science. The seventh, DCCI, is his real estate company.

He has strong thoughts on education and health. Dr. Ayyadurai stated that instead of framing policies around health care or education, they are framed around helping Wall Street bankers and insurance agents. He mentioned that Sen. Warren committed fraud by claiming to have done healthcare research in which her solution was to compel people to become customers of health insurance companies.

Dr. Ayyadurai believes that this focus should be on health and education, not insurance companies and banks. He claimed that "I will help bust this system and ensure cheap access to both health care and education—so cheap that people will not need loans and insurance but can pay out of their pockets.”

In running for US Senate Dr. Ayyadurai hopes to break up the Military-Industrial-Academic-Complex if elected.

“Most of this power is concentrated right here in Harvard University,” he exclaimed. “We need to stop passing laws which exist only to sustain the power of the elites, but are presented as though they exist to help the people.”

Dr. Ayyadurai is very upset that his opponent, Sen. Warren, supports Monsanto. He claimed that she voted for the Monsanto Protection bill which would shield corporations like Monsanto from lawsuits for the damage they inflict on people. He noted that Monsanto is responsible for the destructions of lives by supplying Agent Orange that was dropped over Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Today, people still live with the effects of Agent Orange and many babies are born with birth defects, said Dr. Ayyadurai. He stated that veterans, too, have been exposed to Agent Orange. He said that GMO foods also have adverse effects on the health and environment, but Sen. Warren voted for Monsanto and against labeling GMO products.

The biggest professional accomplishment for Dr. Ayyadurai was building the world’s first complete email system with all features for where he obtained the world’s first copyright for an email system. He stated that until his program was built there were only rudimentary text messaging systems. He followed it up by founding Echomail which grew into a $250 million dollar company.

The biggest challenge for Dr. Ayyadurai is finding good people, but he has always taken that as a challenge that needs to be overcome. He stated that his campaign has attracted top-notch people who have delivered on all fronts.

He has always had an interest in politics. In fact, Dr. Ayyadurai organized against apartheid in South Africa as a student and supported Jesse Jackson in 1984. Dr. Ayyadurai mentioned at the end of Jackson’s campaign he sold out and supported Walter Mondale.

“That is when I realized that the establishment was one. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are not civil rights leaders who represent blacks. They are part of a business owned by the Democratic Party’s Plantation. The two parties have perfected the art of fooling the people and winning elections.”

In 2015, when Donald Trump announced his candidacy his independent thinking sparked Dr. Ayyadurai’s interest, but he believed the establishment wouldn’t let him win the election. When he did, Trump’s victory had a role on Dr. Ayyadurai’s decision to challenge Warren.

Dr. Ayyadurai is absolutely confident in winning this election but says that the bigger idea is to create a revolution and keep the movement going after he becomes Senator. He noted that there needs to be more independents in politics to break up the collusion of the elites.

He said that “people hate both the Republicans and Democrats and want a real Independent to win this election. Nobody likes Elizabeth Warren and the Republicans are a non-entity in Massachusetts. The problem is that they have also colluded to break up independent runs in the past. We saw that in the 2010 elections when the Republicans and Democrats came together to defeat a number of candidates who were not from the establishment.”

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