WOBURN - Many Woburn and area TV watchers on Sunday morning were surprised to find a Woburn story sandwiched between major national and international news items and featured a humanitarian effort by a Woburn electrician John Kinney and tradespeople who came to help a 72-year-old woman in the city.

They were described by a commentator as “ home repair heroes” on the CBS “Sunday Morning” show. The show is a highly-ranked one with Jane Pauley as the host.

TV broadcaster Steve Hartman at the very start pointed out: “Last month, 72-year-old Gloria Scott called John Kinney, an electrician in Woburn, Mass., to fix a ceiling fixture.”

But he soon discovered Scott's house was in total disrepair, from a lack of running water to broken lights. She was too poor to make any repairs – and too prideful to ask for help. So, Kinney returned and started repairing her home for free, and called on other tradespeople to join him. Hartman reports on the inspiring renovation job by a crew dubbed "Gloria's Gladiators."

The pleas soon hit Facebook and other Internet outlets, and soon, it was pointed out a small army of tradespeople descended on the house to do their thing.

The TV footage and photos showed nothing but smiles on their faces.

The list of “Gloria’s Gladiators” on Facebook included:

RJ Tremezzos

Pizza Market

Mikes Pizza

New School Tree Service

Arlmont Fuel Corp

The Pawdicurist

Intensity Insulation

Mahoney’s Garden Center

Harrows Chicken Pies

Timpani Property Maintenance Carpentry and Painting

Dejager Bulb Company

Lisa Grammer Painting Services

FR Lyons Son LLC

Trombas Plastering and General Contracting

Luna Beans Rubs And Things

Kinney Electric

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