WOBURN -' Superintendent Dr. Matthew Crowley will stay at the helm of the city's school district until at least 2026.

During a recent gathering in the Joyce Middle School, School Committee Chair Ellen Crowley elaborated on the contract terms reached with the superintendent in an unanimous vote on Sept. 2. Notifying the public that copies of the new contract accord will be made available to the public upon request, the School Committee chair explained that Woburn's top administrator will not receive any direct salary increases under the three-year contract extension.

However, the School Committee has agreed to make a extra contribution towards a special retirement savings account that is part of Crowley's existing benefits package. This year, according to budget documents, the superintendent is scheduled to earn $195,095.

"The payment structure of the superintendent's salary did not change, but the contract was extended until June of 2026. The School Committee also committed to an increase to the superintendent's retirement fund with a small increase every year," said Crowley, who did not specify exact dollar amounts associated with the post-employment benefit.

Though the School Committee chair shares the same last name as the superintendent, she is not related to the school administrator.

The school board reached the settlement with Crowley during an executive session held in early September. Given Crowley's favorable reputation as an education reformer, there was little doubt about the School Committee's intention to renew the contract with the superintendent.

In fact, the School Committee over the summer has heaped quite a bit of praise at the superintendent's feet as he and other central office administrators worked their way through reams of confusing and sometimes contradictory state mandates and guidelines around school reopening protocols.

First brought to Woburn to replace Assistant Superintendent for Currriculum Dr. Gary Reese, Crowley began his career as a history teacher. He later moved on to become an administrator in Brockton, where he served as a housemaster at Brockton HIgh School.

A clear favorite to replace former Superintendent Mark Donovan, Crowley was named the school district's interim leader shortly after his predecessor revealed his retirement plans in 2017. Initially, the School Committee toyed with the idea of broadening the search for Donovan's successor, but in July of 2018, the elected officials agreed to call off the search and make Crowley's promotion permanent.

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