WOBURN - A new restaurant and bar is expected fairly soon at the old Waxy O’Connor’s site at 1 Rainin Road in East Woburn after a give-’n-take between the Woburn License Commission and the property owner in recent days.

The overseeing of Waxy O’Connor’s, its closing, and now a new tenant has been an adventure for the three-member License Commission, as well as a test of their patience.

No name has been given to the new occupant but the License Commission has approve 3-0 to allow site owner Amisha II, LLC to go forward at the now vacant site.

The restaurant/bar is highly visible for travelers along the north side Montvale Avenue just before I-93 at the Best Western Plus New Englander hotel which is owned and operated by Amisha I, LLC.

At a recent License Commission meeting, Attorney Michael Milazzo came up from New Haven, Connecticut again to represent the hotel/restaurant owner before the License Commission. He told the commission: “Please be advised that our firm represents the tenant under a lease with Amisha LLC, as landlord. I have been advised that the tenant and landlord have come to an agreement on terms of the lease for the premise located at 1 Mack Road, Woburn, Mass., the execution of which is only subject to the tenant obtaining the necessary authorization from its affiliated entity.”

In turn, Milazzo told the License Commissoin “We look forward to moving toward the application for the liquor license once the tenant has received such authorization and has executed the lease.”

The confusion over the spring and summer has been the landlord and the tenant are essentially one-in-the-same person and corporate entity. The restaurant structure remains the same as Waxy O’Connor’s but the corporate structure has varied i.e. Amisha I and Amisha II.

No name has been given to any new restaurant/bar but the License Commission at their July meeting has pointed out “anything but Waxy O’Connor’s will do.”

Attorney Milazzo is with the Connecticut law firm of RIW (Ruberto, Israel & Weiner).

The License Commission on September 19 had continued the public hearing on the transfer but approved it 3-0 at their October 31 meeting.

In September when the public hearing was continued, Milazzo said he expected there would be an agreement to transfer the license “within 10 days to two weeks to a well-established identity.”

At the time, Milazzo said the attorneys involved are working on the 10th draft of the agreement. He told the commission there were 220 changes to the agreement but the number had been reduced to 4. He also said “a lot of time and money” had been spent to get to this point.

In September, Milazzo expressed optimism all parties would go forward and expected a lease to be signed “soon” and an application for a license transfer would be submitted by the October meeting.

In Seplember, he was advised by Chairman Thomas Skeffington of the License Commission that the commission was promised the same 60 days ago i.e. the July meeting. Skeffington was also emphatic Amish had a so-called “pocket license” i.e. the holding of the license but not operating and the city technically owned the license, not the licensee. He also used the wording “illegal.”

Skeffington was also emphatic that if nothing happened between the September and October meeting, the license would revert back to the License Commission.

Commissioners like David Gilgun in September pointed to the agonizing about the Waxy O’Connor’s license situation going on for months and it was frustrating. Still, he said he would give Amisha another month to resolve it all. Commissioner William Pappalardo expressed similar indulgence but would expect results by the October meeting.

Only the name of the proposed tenant, Amisha II, was made known at the October 31 meeting but not the name of the restaurant itself.

Both addresses 1 Rainin Road and 1 Mack Road have been used in legal work to add to some of the confusion.

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