WOBURN - The City Council recently granted a tea and smoothie speciality shop owner the special permit needed to open up a new storefront in Woburn Center.

Facilitating a request by Lynn businessman Chhear Hang to open up his fifth such Massachusetts franchise, the council unanimously approved a petition to allow a Boba Tea and Snow Ice House within the old Innis Carpet and Flooring space at 315-317 Main Street.

Though the proposal initially generating parking and delivery concerns in early December, when city planners first reviewed the special permit application, the elected officials’ decision stipulates the business cannot block pedestrian access to the sidewalk while accepting food deliveries.

Planning Director Tina Cassidy had also last month argued in favor of a condition that would prohibit delivery trucks from parking on Main Street - a move aimed at preventing instances of double parking in the busy downtown area - but members of the Special Permits Committee felt such a restriction was too severe.

In total, three other conditions were attached to the special permit, including one that limits the fast-food restaurant’s hours of operation to 6 a.m. through 11 p.m. Another stipulation requires all business signage to fit in with the surrounding neighborhood, while the last condition makes mention of the plan-of-record being used for the site plan.

“In my opinion, after the Special Permits Committee meeting [last month], that covers all the concerns,” said Ward 4 Councilor Joseph Demers of the proposed special permit caveats.

Since opening his first Boba Tea & Snow Ice House in his hometown back in 2018, Hang has expanded to three other communities in Massachusetts, including Brookline, Chelsea, and Haverhill. There is also a Boba Tea and Snow Ice House franchise in Virginia.

The new Woburn location is opening up within a ground floor retail space within a three-story building that sits between Buel Place and High Street. The new speciality store offers dozens of classic tea and fruit-infused drink combinations like caramel milk tea, coffee latte milk foam, mango drink tea, and passion fruit green tea.

Blended yogurt and smoothie drinks also appear to be popular menu items.

Lastly, the business will reportedly sell a variety of ice creams, cookies, and waffle treats.

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