Cedar Street Ramp Advisory Commmittee

SLIP RAMP MOVING FORWARD - In this photo are (l-r) Brian Murrihy, John Casey, Denis Clarke, Darlene Mercer-Bruen, and Mayor Scott Galvin. They are members of the Mayor's Cedar Street Ramp Advisory Commmittee. Photo by Joe Brown Photos.com

Rte 93 Slip Ramp Committee at Woburn City Hall. June 2021. Photo by JoeBrownPhotos.com

WOBURN = Recently, Woburn Mayor Scott Galvin announced the formation of a The Mayor’s Cedar Street Ramp Advisory Committee, to identify and make recommendations with respect to proposed I-93/I-95 interchange improvements, including a new Cedar Street on-ramp to I-93S. The Cedar Street I-93S onramp will benefit the region by alleviating traffic congestion and associated emissions on I95/I-93 intersections, Washington Street, Montvale Avenue, and other connected local roadways. The committee will gather information from local residents, businesses, neighboring communities, MassDOT, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and other agencies and report findings to the Mayor and city consultants on a regular basis. Mayor Galvin appointed the following members to serve as volunteers on the committee:

Brian Murrihy, MEng CEng, Cummings Properties – Chairman of the Advisory Committee

John Casey, Resident and Owner, Accurate Glass / Locks and Keys

Darlene Mercer-Bruen, Ward 5 City Councilor

The project took a large step forward last year, when World Tech Engineering completed a functional design study to assess the feasibility of the proposed on-ramp, and concluded that the proposal is feasible and would substantially improve the level of transport service.

Advancing the proposal for this new on-ramp requires approval from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), which maintains jurisdiction over the interstate system. Cummings Properties has provided city of Woburn a grant of $125,000 to fund the City’s further engagement of independent consultants who will complete a refined traffic analysis and report to quantify the benefits of the infrastructure proposal.

Achieving FHWA approval for the proposal will be the next major milestone in the project timeline. Thereafter, state/federal funding can be sought to deliver this low-cost high-impact roadway improvement, which can be quickly implemented to alleviate interchange congestion and unlock additional transport capacity to support regional economic growth.

The construction of the new on-ramp fits almost entirely within the highway right-of-way and will require only minimal undeveloped land takings from two commercial landowners, whose mutual strong support for the project reportedly includes a ready willingness to donate the necessary land.

A video that illustrates the proposal is available at www.improve9395.com/video.

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