To the community of Woburn,

For the first time in sixty-six years, the Woburn Host Lions are saddened to announce the cancellation of the annual Halloween Parade schedule for October 2020. Our main priority is the health and safety of our parade attendees; therefore, due to large crowd sizes and state restrictions we cannot in good faith plan our annual parade. This decision was made with a heavy heart during this unprecedented global crisis.

Over the past six decades, the Woburn Host Lions Club has worked together with the community of Woburn to build a beautiful tradition that is the highlight of our fall season. Our loyal parade attendees have celebrated with us on rainy, sunny and even snowy days. We thank you for your continued passion and support for our parade.

Through good and bad times, the Woburn community has stood together. While the parade will not happen this year, our ongoing mission continues. The Woburn Host Lions Club is recognized worldwide for its service to the blind and visually impaired. The primary function of the parade is to raise funds for the causes we support. Your ongoing commitment to our mission has never been more important than it is today, as our fund recipients begin to tackle the challenges of finding adequate resources in a world shaken by the global health crisis. With this is mind, we will still strive to meet our fundraising goal, with more information to come. We know that this is a difficult time for many members of our community, and we deeply appreciate your consideration and continued support.

As a community and non-profit organization, we are in this together. Together we will make it through—stronger than ever before. While we will not be together this October, we plan to see you on Main Street in 2021.

Please see the official statement below stating the cities official position in regards to this year’s parade.

With warm regards,

Lions President. Chris Kisiel,

Woburn Host Lions Parade Chairman, Leo Thifault,

Woburn Host Lions Board of Directors

Citizens of Woburn,

“Due to current restrictions, which prohibit parades and outdoor gatherings designed to draw large crowds until phase IV of the Commonwealth’s reopening plan, the annual Halloween Parade scheduled for October 25, 2020 will be cancelled.

I have recently discussed this matter with the Woburn Board of Health and members of The Woburn Host Lions Club Halloween parade planning committee and it was agreed upon that the Governor’s guidelines are clear. Since no date has been established to allow phase IV reopening’s we felt the decision to cancel was in the best interests of protecting the health and safety of our residents and parade participants as we work to stop the spread of the corona virus.”

Mayor Scott Galvin

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