WOBURN - An environmental services and recycling firm aims to purchase the approximate 3.5-acre site on Salem Street where it has operated for decades.

During a recent gathering of the City Council, Woburn resident Chris Moran, a representative from Clean Harbors, explained that his firm needs a new inflammable license to facilitate the purchase land at 252 Salem Street.

The council granted the request unanimously.

According to Moran, the firm, also known as Murphy’s Waste Oil Services, is not seeking to change any aspect of its business operations, but wants to transfer the permits from its previous landlord to the new ownership entity.

“We’ve been a tenant of this site for 30-plus years,” said Moran, who has been employed at the environmental company for all that time. “We’re looking to purchase the site from the estate of the [previous landlord], and in doing that, we need to amend the permit.”

According to records from the city assessor’s office, the former landowner owned two parcels in East Woburn, including a half-acre parcel at 250 Salem Street that contains a single-story ranch-style residence.

The larger of the two parcels contains 3.6 acres and includes a single-story industrial garage with office space. Besides that building, which contains 18,436 square feet in gross space, there are also a series of storage tanks capable of holding up to 80,000 gallons in waste oil and other industrial chemicals.

Ward 2 Alderman Richard Gately, concerned the transaction could lead to a change in business operations at the site, was the only member of the council to pose questions of the petitioner.

According to the South End official, though Clean Harbors enjoyed a near impeccable reputation within the community, the industrial property does sit in close proximity to a residential neighborhood and any expansion in business activity could upset a delicate peace that exists in the mixed-use zoning district.

“Everything is going to be the same, sir. I’ve been down there for 30 years now,” responded Moran, assuring Gately that abutters need not be concerned about what amounted to a real-estate transaction.

Ward 7 Alderman Michael Lannon, who had become personally acquainted with Clean Harbors during his work in the auto dealership and sales industry, later vouched for the firm.

“I’ve done business with them and they run a top notch company there. I’d like to vouch for him as having a great operation,” said the West Side official.

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