WOBURN - The Woburn License Commission has left the door open by a crack at the former Waxy O’Connor’s site at 1 Rainin Road in East Woburn to allow the lease-holder time to find a new - more responsible - tenant for the highly-visible site.

In recent months, the three-member commission listened to much lamenting by the holder of the license but lifted their all alcoholic license in formal proceedings at their June meeting.

Now, the License Commission wants to be kept up to date on any entity seeking the space.

At their July meeting, the License Commission was more than firm in their demands to have a responsible tenant in the building.

The license holder is technically Amisha II LLC dba Waxy O’Connor’s at 1 Rainin Rd.

“I want you to have nothing to do whatsoever with Waxy O’Connor’s,” said Chairman Thomas Skeffington.

The License Commission technically was holding the continuation of a public hearing with Amish IILLC dba Waxy O’Connor’s and a half-owner of Waxy’s, Ashtok Patel, was present. Also present was their attorney Michael Milazzo of Hartford, Connecticut.

“I want it with no financial interest; not directly or indirectly with Amish II,” insisted Skeffington.

“We will notify you of the next public hearing,” Skeffington continued.

The dates, he said, could be either Aug. 22 or Sept. 19.

Patel said the effort would take a little time, as the group needs some time to attract a responsible tenant for the high-visibility site.

The past tenant, Waxy O’Connor’s, has been cited for not paying meals tax ($54,000 range), as well as items like police details from a St. Patrick’s Night event but later paid.

“The games are over,” barked Skeffington towards the close of the meeting..

The two other License, David Gilgun and William Pappalardo, expressed similar sentiments, noting the long, grueling process with “Waxy’s” covers several years. In fact, at the May meeting, Gilgun noted “Waxy’s” has been a problem since his 13 years on the commission.

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