City Clerk William Campbell

City Clerk William Campbell

WOBURN - Bring on the General Election on Tuesday, November 3rd.

All went well on Tuesday, reports City Clerk William Campbell, who is now taking a deep breath awaiting the Trump v. Biden encounter two months from now. But, life has become more complicated wit the new Mail-in Ballot voting and early voting procedures - a first for the city.

The long procedure will again be followed for the General Election on November 3 and the increased costs to the city are still being calculated, reported Campbell today.

The one-day only voting, a tradition in the city for decades, had turned into a production with mail-out /mail-in voting crossing the threshold of the City Clerk’s office for several weeks with tubs crisscrossing the floor to accommodate early voters ballots.

“It’s not like it was when I first came on the job,” lamented Campbell in the aftermath of things. “It’s a lot more complex.”

Campbell had a good handle on things, while only one automatic voting machine had a paper jam along the route. “It was quickly fixed,” he reported.

And, at times, there were no political signs to be seen on Tuesday, like at the Reeves School, when a Kennedy sign carrier took a break!

Pandemic protocols also had to be observed as supermarket arrows pointing voters in one direction were much in evidence and voters were shown the back door in some cases.

Present U.S. Senator Edward Edward Markey, D. defeated challenger Rep. Joseph Kennedy to advance to the General Election to face Attorney Kevin J. O’Connor, R., of Dover. Markey also took Woburn 4,518 to 3,760.

“There were a lot of moving parts,” grimaced Campbell. “Right to the end, people were dropping off ballots!”

The collecting ballots exercises also had to be mixed with the daily, busy work schedule at City Hall like getting birth certificates, so it did get confusing as people outside the City Clerk’s office stood 6’ apart in line outside the familiar swinging doors awaiting a call to enter the City Clerk’s office.

The busy City Clerk’s office stayed busy right up to the 8 p.m. voting deadline.

The exact cost of the Primary has not been determined yet, reported Campbell, and the city has more, higher costs awaiting at the General Election. “We have to figure it out,” intoned Campbell, who is still busy with the election protocols.

The official turnout in Woburn was 10,326 voters going to the polls, early voting or mail-in. This, reports Campbell, is 38%.

The 10,326 include 589 at the Wyman School early voting. while 4,204 came to the polls on election day.

There were 7,002 requests mailed to voters and the mail/drop off ended up 5,533.

And, will a similar process be followed in future state-wide elections?

“It’s all up to the legislature,” concluded Campbell.

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