WOBURN – Two South End residents believe Woburn has a deep thirst for some gourmet coffee. 

Earlier this week, the City Council unanimously sanctioned a proposal from Garfield Avenue residents Christopher and Danielle Titus to open a coffee house at the former Malvy’s Flowers & Gifts shop in Woburn Center by Montvale Avenue.

The couple appeared before the aldermen on Tuesday night in order to obtain a special permit to open a fast-food restaurant.  According to Danielle Titus, though their business meets that technical fast-food designation, she and her husband hope to churn out a much better quality cup of java than what’s customarily found in chain restaurants like Dunkin’ Donuts. 

“We’re renting the old Malvy’s florist shop and we’d like to turn it into a coffee house with pastries and things like that.  We think the area would benefit from some excellent coffee.  [My husband] is a coffee connoisseur and [I’m a baker].  It’s our passion,” she said. 

Situated across the street by the city’s historic First Congregational Church at 327 Main Street, the florist and gift store was a longtime fixture at the South End side of the downtown area.  The aspiring coffee brewers are proposing to make some minor reconfigurations within the retail space, which sits on the ground floor of a larger three-story office building. 

Christopher Titus explained the most significant interior modification entails the expansion of an existing bathroom, which currently is not large enough to accommodate patrons with a wheelchair.  The improvement will be made by moving a wall and installing new bathroom fixtures. 

“We’re shooting for mid-October,” said Christopher Titus of the businesses target opening date.  “Currently, there’s one bathroom, but we’re proposing a 19-person occupancy.”

According to Ward 2 Alderman Richard Gately, whose district includes the vacant storefront, the new coffee shop will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.  Though parking is sometimes an issue in the area, Gately pointed out the business has several on-street parking spaces in front of it, as well as access to a paved area to the side of the office building. 

The new business is also within walking distance of various other municipal parking areas.

“I think it’s a pretty good idea for down there,” concluded Gately.  “You have parking on the side that Malvy’s occasionally used.  I have no issue with you guys coming to the ward and putting that place back in business.”

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