WOBURN - Officials with the Woburn License Commission are working with the owners of the planned Launch Entertainment Park to close up some loose ends as it is currently nearing an opening date at its Horn Pond Plaza site in West Woburn at the Winchester line.

The owners are eager to open the doors with a request for a Common Victualers license from the commission being one of the final hurdles.

Ryan Debin, a principal with the Woburn Launch location, set to open in the former Kids 'R' Us location off Cambridge Road, said the opening date was originally set for April, but construction stalled in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic.

Construction has resumed, he said, with hopes of opening the Woburn site as soon as possible.

"This is a project that has been a long time coming for the City of Woburn," Debin told the commission.

He added that 25 to 50 people set to work at the park are also awaiting the opening of the facility.

"Their jobs and livelihoods depend on this," Debin said.

It was noted that Launch officials already applied for Common Victualers License from the city but it expired in April of this year.

Debin said construction resumed earlier this year and now the site is just weeks away from obtaining all the necessary occupancy permits.

The Common Victualers license from the commission, however, is a big step in the process.

Debin asked if some sort of exception or hardship case could be made to help allow the License Commission to keep the project moving along but was initially told by members of the License Commission that certain protocols, like advertising the hearing for the victualers license before the commission, had to be followed.

"There is a protocol applied by the state that we have to follow," said License Commission Chairman Tom Skeffington.

Due to the circumstances and the hardships COVID has created, Debin again asked if some sort of arrangement could be worked out between the two.

"You haven't been open at all?" Skeffington asked, noting some activity had been reported at the site.

Debin said that must have been simply he and his children. They are the only ones who have been in there, Debin said.

"I would like to try to help him out," member David Gilgun said.

Skeffington agreed and said he would talk to Debin and Launch officials after the meeting to see what could be done, like perhaps a special meeting, to help the facility open as soon as possible.

The entertainment facility, Launch, offers a variety of no-stress, off-the-wall fun party packages, for events like birthdays, to meet the party needs off all ages.

Packages include trampoline time, laser tag, private rooms, food, prizes and more. Other attractions are dodgeball, cliffhanger, battle pits, and fury laser tag.

Based out of Rhode Island, Launch has local franchises in Norwood, Methuen, and Westborough.

The necessary signage outside the building is already in place.

The matter came up under "other business" at the end of the commission's September meeting.

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