WOBURN - Woburn Police were called on Monday afternoon to help with a search for a missing oxygen tank at a home at 12 Hudson Street in the South End.

A young boy, 6, discovered his oxygen tank missing from a front porch area - a device he sorely needs in his daily functions.

According to reports, Pauly Leonardo can only spend just a few minutes outside his home without such an oxygen tank.

The event drew the attention of neighbors and even Channel 5 who were called to help put out an appeal to return the bottle to the youngster.

"I went to put it in the wheelchair for him and I couldn't find it," his father Paul Leonardo told Channel 5.

It was explained Pauly needs near-constant oxygen to make his lungs stronger.

According to the Channel 5 interview, his family keeps a backup oxygen tank inside the house but the thief who took the portable tank also stole the critical regulator that was mounted on top of it.

Woburn Police reported they got calls from news outlets on the possible crime at the site and addressed the issue in a call to the home shortly before 5 p.m.

The family also noted to the thief to just return the portable oxygen tank to the front porch with no questions asked.

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