WOBURN - The general public, Woburn License Commission, city officials and visitors to the city have gotten use to changes in the restaurant scene, package store and clubs over the years.

In recent months, the COVID-19 has forced the closing of some well-known restaurants, the temporary closure of other, while others go through an adjustment period.

So is the case the case of the now-closed Joe’s American Bar & Grill at 311 Mishawum Road (soon to be The Chateau Restaurant of Woburn), the Busa Wine & Spirits in the South End, as well as an adjustment by the popular The BrickYard at 371 Main St. in Woburn Center. All three have petitions of some variety before the License Commission in the weeks ahead.

The Waltham-based Chateau is quite popular in the area including Andover off I-93.

A public hearing is scheduled on their petition on Thursday, May 20th. At stake is a new All Alcoholic Beverages license.

The Chateau lists the Manager of Record as Gerard D. Fruggiero, who is also the owner of Jake ’n JOES up at 228-239 Mishawum Road. The restaurant will assume the 7,257 square feet of the prior restaurant.

CORI Authorization Forms have also been filed on Fruggiero, Joseph Nocera, James Nocera, John Nocera, Jeffrey Nocera, Jerome Nocera and Jacob Kinsman.

And on another front, The BrickYard opposite Woburn Common has an application for a “change of ownership interest, change of manager and alterations of premises a 371 Main Street i.e. the old Moore & Parker side of their restaurant which connects to their restaurant. The public hearing would allow for an expansion and the large “Lease” sign would be removed if he restaurant was expanded.

And further to the south, a package store would be the third public hearing.

In the South End, the existing Busa Wine & Spirits (dba Doherty Brothers Market) will undergo its 3rd ownership in its 70-year history at the 4,700 square foot facility.

Located at 161 Main Street, a firm known as Anaya Investment LLC will be purchasing the well-known Busa license if it is approved by the Woburn License Commission and the state’s Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.

In recent weeks, the paperwork from Considine & Furey, LLPP, counselors at law of Boston, was received for the All Alcohol Package Store license on behalf of Kevinkumar Patel, Bharat Patel, Cetan Patel and Hitesh Patel. Attorney Alexander Furey represented the firm.

The administrative effort on behalf of new, would-be owners has included some fifteen items on everything from a Certificate in Good Standing to the Transfer Application to CORI checks.

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