WOBURN - The Fox Den restaurant looking at half of the old Tanner Tavern/Black & Orange restaurant site off Main Street in downtown Woburn is getting closer and closer to opening as the applicants appeared before the Woburn License Commission at its September meeting hoping to pave the wave toward welcoming its first customers sometime in the next few months.

The Wild Fox Restaurant Group LLC is the parent company of The Fox Den with the Common Victualer request being for 474-482 Main St., the former location of the Tanner Tavern and Black & Orange.

The request also includes a standup drinking permit.

During the most recent debate, Commission Chair Thomas Skeffington questioned if the new proposal was for both sides of the former restaurant or just one.

Representing the petitioner were Attorney Christopher Fox of Rubin Rudman, Unicorn Park, and principle Ryan Dziki,.

"Is it two different addresses?" Skeffington asked.

When entering from Main Street, the main seating area for the former location was to the left while there was a separate function room to the right, it was noted.

The restaurant, it was determined, would only use half (the 474 side) of the site.

When asked why the request was for both sides, it was simply stated because that was the address associated with the previous license holder.

When asked when the new site was expected to open, it was replied that a December opening would be the goal.

"We are still working on getting the construction done on the front," Dziki said at the time of the hearing.

At the public hearing, no one spoke either in favor or against the request with Captain James Murphy, the Woburn Police Department's liaison to the commission, also stating there were no concerns.

After closing the hearing, a motion was made Commissioner David Gilgun to approve the two requests contingent upon the applicant receiving all the necessary signoffs upon completion of the renovation.

For a while now, passer-bys have noticed with interest the bevy of work being done inside the restaurant as a complete re-modeling is taking place.

The Wild Fox Restaurant Group is the combination of the families, Dziki (Wild in Polish) and Raposo (Fox in Portuguese).

Polish and Portuguese foods, they have pointed out at previous meetings, have a lot in common like sausages, stews, warm “and comforting food that makes you feel like home.”

"That's what we are looking to bring to Woburn,” they said at the August meeting.

What started off as pop-ups showcasing of Polish and Portuguese culinary inspirations, is hoped to be turn into a location providing a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy these food and drinks.

The owners have noted they are hoping bring to brick and mortar concept to life.

In August they stated, "This area is packed full of a variety of unique eating establishments, and we're hoping that our blend of Portuguese and Polish inspired cuisine can add to the mix. We plan on modernizing the restaurant space to feel like a modern European bistro: clean, inviting, a little traditional and rustic; just like our brand. We hope that people in the Woburn area will enjoy coming to Wild Fox to relax, enjoy some great food and delicious local beverages, and enjoy our hospitality.”

The restaurant site, it was pointed out, is highly visible at the foot of Salem Street and Campbell Street with the new city parking lot directly across the busy Main Street.

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