Change for 99 site?

OLD 99 RESTAURANT HEADQUARTERS - A Medford-based electrical firm recently unveiled plans to move into the old 99 Restaurant site off of Olympia Avenue.  The City Council has asked the petitioner to provide additional information on the types of equipment to be housed at the property off of State Street near Mishawum Road.  

WOBURN - A Medford-based electrical company was asked to provide pictures of the equipment it intends to store at its prospective new headquarters on Olympia Avenue to the City Council, as it proceeds with its deliberations for a special permit.

Nardone Electrical Corp. is seeking to buy the 99 Restaurant's former headquarters at 160 Olympia Ave., off State Street near Mishawum Road.

The council continued the public hearing until its meeting on April 21, and sent the matter to its Special Permits Committee, which will meet tonight (6 p.m.) at City Hall.

Representing Nardone Electrical Corp., local attorney Joseph Tarby told the council the business has been located in Medford since 1984 and is now looking to move to Woburn. Parking is required for eight commercial vehicles, and there will be outside storage of equipment, a half-dozen mobile generators.

There will be approximately 20 employees, Tarby said.

Tarby addressed a memo from the Planning Dept. citing three specific concerns. He said he has spoken with a representative from the Woburn Fire Dept. about providing a key in a lock box that will allow emergency access to a gated area on the property.

Regarding a number of "tandem parking spaces" on the site, Tarby said those spaces will be used for the storage of equipment and not for employee parking. The attorney also said a special permit is required because the loading docks on the site face State Street, instead of the rear of the building.

The Planning Dept. also suggested attaching eight conditions, all of which Tarby said are "acceptable" to his client.

Under questioning from Ward 2 Alderman Richard Gately, Tarby said Nardone Electrical will use the second floor of the building and look to lease the remainder. Hours of operation will likely be from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday, but Tarby asked that the council not "restrict the ability to access the offices" during other times.

Ward 5 Alderman Darlene Mercer-Bruen, whose district includes Olympia Avenue, asked the petitioner to provide photos of the equipment it intends to store on-site.

"Pictures would be helpful," she said.

No one from the audience spoke during the public hearing.

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